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Summer field camp in Wyoming
Summer field camp in Wyoming

Fieldwork is an essential part of the Albion College Geology experience. Field opportunities include our annual Regional Geology Field trips, the biennial five-week field camp in northwestern Wyoming, field labs, and research opportunities. Recent faculty and student field research has taken us to Antarctica, Svalbard, western China, Wyoming, California, and South Dakota.

Summer Field Camp: biennial field course in Wyoming

Regional Field Trips: spring-semester 8-14 day trips, U.S. and abroad (2013, Hawaii; 2011, Pacific Northwest)

Other Course Field Trips: course and geology club field trips

Student Research Opportunities: undergraduate research in geology

Astronomy at Albion College: 1883-present

In June 2006, we installed a stellarium, a 3D map of the closest 253 stars.

Observatory Observatory

The historic Albion College observatory, located in the heart of campus, was built in 1883 and designated a Michigan Historical Site in 1985.

8" Alvan Clark refractorAn 8" Alvan Clark refractor is located in the historic College observatory. Members of the Astronomy Club frequently use this telescope for observing and public viewing nights.








CelestronBill and Lois Stellman donated a 14'' Celestron telescope and associated equipment including cameras and spotting scope to the department. It has been retrofitted with a Byer's, providing very accurate tracking which allows very long exposure photos. Here, Dr. John A. Williams is aiming the 14" Celestron.







New ObservatoryThe Stellmans and Bernard and Barbara Lomas were the major contributors of funds to construct an observatory on the top of Palenske Hall to house the 14" telescope.

This observatory has been replaced by a 16' Ash dome and will continue to house the 14" Stellman telescope.

Albion College British Eighth - Alumni Band Registration Form

The British Eighth on parade.We are thrilled that you are planning to join us for the Alumni Band at Homecoming. Please note that due to the number of alumni wishing to participate, we can no longer accommodate everyone's instrument and equipment needs. School instruments will be available on a first come first served basis, and any equipment needed such as lyres, mouthpieces, reeds, drum sticks, etc. will be the responsibility of each individual alumni band member. Thank you for understanding.

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  14. Lyres will not be available. If you need one, please consider visiting your local music store to purchase.

    Music will be shared via Dropbox once your sign-up has been processed. Music will also be available in hard copy at check-in.

  15. Past band t-shirts in a variety of sizes, bumper stickers, magnets, hats, wristbands and lots of other British Eighth merchandise will be available for purchase.


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