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Cliff Harris Works With Colleagues On Soil Remediation Research

A March 2 article on page A3 of the USA Today detailed how a herbicide that contaminates the tap water consumed by millions of Americans has been found to produce gender-bending effects in male frogs. Albion College associate professor of chemistry Cliff Harris worked with faculty from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Kasetsart University in Thailand on research published last year that shows a mixture of soybean oil and iron can remediate the soil and prevent contamination of drinking water.

"Albion College has been contributing to solutions to the problem," Harris said. "My colleagues took soil that had been heavily contaminated with atrazine and treated it with a mixture of soybean oil and iron - two pretty cheap materials - and cut the atrazine by 80 to 90 percent with a single treatment. My contribution was to help explain the science behind the process."