Dietitians Help Community Make Balanced Choices

While much attention is given to the food pyramid and individual groupings of food, little information is available on how to put everything together into a balanced meal plate. That’s why Terri Brownlee, regional dietitian with Bon Appetit Management Company, operator of Albion College’s dining and hospitality services, and Nancy Geik, registered dietitian with Gordon Food Service, were available outside Albion College’s Baldwin Hall cafeteria during the Wednesday lunch rush.

Brownlee and Geik’s presentation is just one of the many wellness-related campus activities planned for the academic year as Albion celebrates its Year of Wellness.

“A balanced plate approach allows for choices wherever you are,” Brownlee said. “Students don’t use the entire café. They will go to one area or just settle for the salad bar. Even at the salad bar we find students building unhealthy salads with the high-fat, high-calorie items or a plate with just lettuce, which doesn’t provide the energy they need.”

For more on the balanced meal plate, visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Web site. Also see Albion’s Wellness site for regularly updated Wellness Tidbits as well as Bon Appetit’s Web site, which has a full section on nutrition.