The Albion Advantage to Visiting New York: Paige Narins, ’13, Makes an Alumni Connection

Paige NarinsNarins visiting Broadway while interviewing for a New York City internship. Narins is majoring in English with creative writing, with concentrations in the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service and Law, Justice and Society. A member of the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program, she is the daughter of Joseph and Lori Narins of Kingston, Pa., and a graduate of Wyoming Seminary.

Paige Narins, '13, was actively seeking a New York City internship for the summer of 2012 and figured a semester-break trip to the Big Apple in January was a smart idea. Still, she had no idea that a casual mention of her plans to Albion College President Donna Randall would provide such a huge boost to her plans.

"I was helping out at the Albion Healthcare Alliance Holiday Ball, part of my Ford Institute service hours, when I struck up a conversation with President Randall," Narins recalled. "I told her about my winter break plans and she said a New York alumna had offered to host Albion students needing a place to stay in the city. I couldn't believe it the next day when President Randall sent me an e-mail saying the alumna would love to host me!"

The English major found herself enjoying the hospitality of Sandra Henschel McKeveny, '68, and her family members. "When I told her about my early morning plans the day after my interview, Sandra arranged for me to stay with her daughter, who lives just a few blocks from Times Square!” Narins said. “That evening, Sandra’s entire family took me to dinner at the New York Athletic Club. I had only known them a few hours, but I already felt like I was with family."

Staying in the city, Narins was able to have an interview with Dorchester Publishing, a small Manhattan-based company. "Trying to juggle my interview with Dorchester and plans I had already made in the city could have been really stressful,” Narins said. “But thanks to the McKevenys, I was able to seamlessly fit everything into my trip and meet some very warm, caring people in the process.”

Narins is looking forward to this type of "Albion experience" in the future—only she'll be the host. "One of the things I love most about Albion is how much the alumni still care about the school and how much they want to help its students in any way they can," she said. "And I love it because I already know that, someday, that’s going to be me.”