Albion Riders Land on the Podium at Prix de Villes

Consistent, correct rides were the secret to the success of a group of Albion College dressage riders at the 2012 Prix de Villes of North America over the final weekend of March – and those rides, in turn, helped the team land on the podium at the end of the weekend.

Three of the Albion riders – Lauren Levy (Amherst, MA/Stoneleigh Burnham School), Paige Gustafson (Dexter/Dexter), and Elizabeth White (Rocklin, CA/Saint Francis) – laid down scores of 68% on the second day of showing to boost the overall average to 67.5% for the team and earn them a third place finish.  The fourth team member, Robin Todd (Mill Valley, CA/Tamiscal), led the team on Saturday with a 66.8%.

Hosted annually by Lake Erie College, the Prix de Villes of North America is a different type of competition than that which intercollegiate riders normally have an opportunity to participate in.  Sanctioned by the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), the Prix de Villes is open to all riders – juniors, amateurs, and professionals – who compete on teams of four.  Also different from intercollegiate competitions, the riders bring their own horses to the show.

Levy competed aboard her own horse, Ultairs Bailey, while Gustafson, White, and Todd competed with three Albion College-owned mounts – Albion College Romulus, Albion College Bronson, and Albion College Big Rapids, respectively.

“The girls rode phenomenally,” said Interim Equestrian Director Danielle Menteer, who coached the riders over the weekend.  “I was impressed with the way they were able to put their tests together and also with how supportive they were of one another.  It truly was a team effort and their hard work paid off!”

Watch video from the event here.