BHS Students Pass Stage 1 Examinations

For every college or university student, the end of the fall semester always brings with it the intensity of final exams.  For the four students enrolled in Albion's British Horse Society (BHS) certification program, their final exams included not only their classroom work, but also their Stage One examinations in riding, horse knowledge, and horse care at the equestrian center.

Demonstrating their hard work over the course of the semester, sophomore Alyssa Olson and first-year students Samantha Green, Katie Heim, and Anna Travis successfully completed and passed all sections of the exam.

Administered by Held Equestrian Center director George Halkett (BHS II, reg.), the Stage One examination consisted of a riding portion on the flat and a practical section in the stable, during which students had to demonstrate their proficiency in handling horses in an unmounted setting, as well as give verbal explanations that demonstrated their knowledge about stable management.

"Despite their nervousness, each student proved to me that they have progressed in this course since they started in August," Halkett said.  "I was pleased to see their improvement."

Having completed their Stage One requirements, the four will spend the spring semester preparing for their Stage Two requirements, which will include more advanced riding and horse handling skills, as well as a demonstration of increased knowledge in the areas of horse health, stable management, and equine business management.  The Stage Two examinations will be held in May of 2011.