'Pumpkin Chunkers' Sought for Equestrian Club Contest

Fruit will be flying at the Albion College Equestrian Club's first annual Pumpkin Chunkin' contest Friday, November 2 at the Held Equestrian Center, located 1/4 mile south of the intersection of 29 Mile Road and Albion-Concord Road in Albion. Setup begins at 4:30 p.m., with a 5 p.m. launch.

According to Equestrian Club member Alyssa Olson, "pumpkin chunkin'" is the sport of launching pumpkins with team-built catapults. Although complicated catapult plans are available on the Internet, Olson stressed that their competition is focused on fun. "Two sticks in the ground with an exercise band works great," she said. "We want this to be something kids and families can get involved in."

Along with the contest, the Equestrian Club will sell homemade concessions.

The contest entry fee is $20/team. The Equestrian Club will supply pumpkins but not catapult materials. For a complete list of rules, see http://www.facebook.com/events/449158565126310/?ref=ts&fref=ts or contact organizer Heather Waldron, , or contact the Held Equestrian Center, 517/629-0836.