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WWII Veterans Bring Past to Present for History Students

WWII veteran Lee Zimmerman with Albion College student Jake Soenen
It may be 72 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor, but World War II study and scholarship are decidedly in the present at Albion College. This semester, two veterans of the war visited with history professor Wes Dick's "America in Crisis" class, adding personal perspective to academic study.

Remembering Nelson Mandela

ALB-130x110  0009 Shield"At Albion and across the country our flags fly at half staff to mark the passing of Nelson Mandela," writes Patrick McLean, director of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service. "It is a fitting tribute to a man who made it his life's work to fight for peace and justice in the face of often overwhelming opposition in his home country of South Africa. ... South Africa's transition to majority rule could easily have descended into violence, retribution and even civil war. It is largely testimony to the strength of Nelson Mandela's courageous leadership that a country so fractured could move relatively peacefully into a new age."

Hagerman Book Links Education, Empire

Chris Hagerman
A surprising link between the Roman and British empires is the fascinating consequence of classical education, according to history professor Chris Hagerman, who recently published Britain's Imperial Muse: The Classics, Imperialism, and the Indian Empire, 1784-1914, now available through Palgrave MacMillan.

Michalec, '15, Is on the Books with Phillies Internship

Meredith Michalec, '15
"When I was dropped off in Philadelphia this past September, I had no apartment and no internship," says junior Meredith Michalec, a business and organizations and accounting double major. "However, I knew the Philadelphia Center has provided great internships to a lot of Albion students. I am an accounting intern with the Philadelphia Phillies and I absolutely love it."

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