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NCAA Features Fornetti, '06, and Her Research

Jaime Fornetti, '06, and her post-doctoral work in breast cancer research was featured in NCAA's After the Game in February 2015.
Four months into her post-doc at the Oklahoma Medical Research Facility, Jaime Fornetti is searching for a route to target breast cancer bone metastasis. At 31, she has already worked in some of the most influential labs among some of the greatest leaders in this realm of research. That path included her success at Albion, as a biology major and a member of the women's basketball and track teams. "She reallly embodied the true meaning of student-athlete," women's basketball coach Doreen Carden told's After the Game, which shares Fornetti's story.

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Beyond Albion Post Graduate Fair: April 9

Robinson Hall"Beyond Albion" (formally known as Serving the People) is a post-graduate fair focusing on the fields of public service, non-profit, law and business and management. Schools, organizations and agencies have the opportunity to recruit from Albion College’s pool of talented students with strong liberal arts backgrounds.

2015 Coy James Lecture: Clark 'Bucky' Halker and the '1913 Massacre'

Clark "Bucky" Halker
The film 1913 Massacre brings back some hidden Michigan history on Tuesday, February 24 at 7 p.m. in Albion’s recently restored Bohm Theatre. The tragedy inspired a Woody Guthrie song, which will be performed by musician-historian Clark “Bucky” Halker (left), who will simultaneously present Albion College's 2015 Coy James Memorial Lecture.

Horstman Researches Belief in 'Thoughtful' Look at Christianity

History professor emeritus Allen Horstman
"You don't have to check your brain at the door when you go to church," says history professor emeritus Allen Horstman of his most recent work: explaining controversial and contradictory parts of the Bible. Using ancient texts and contemporary scholarship in fields as diverse as history, anthropology, psychology, and political science, Horstman compiled research and reflection into 498 pages of Christianity: A Guide for the Thoughtful (Skeptic or Believer).

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