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Cassada, '95, Officially Joins NASA Astronaut Corps

Josh Cassada, '95
Albion College has a full-fledged astronaut among its alumni. Last week, 
Josh Cassada, '95, was one of eight men and women to complete two years of training as a candidate and become an official member of the NASA astronaut corps.

For Hubbell, '17, a New Spin Move in Summer Research Project

Zach Hubbell, '17
Zach Hubbell is known for making a twirling motion with his index finger when he scores a goal for the Albion College men's lacrosse team. He scored 39 of them during the spring as Albion won its first league championship. This summer, the twirling is coming from the spinning of a DNA dryer as part of the pre-engineering student's summer research work.


Wilch Appointed NSF Antarctica Program Director

Thom Wilch
Geology professor Thom Wilch has been invited to help direct the course of Antarctic research funded by the National Science Foundation. This week Wilch began a one-year appointment in Arlington, Virginia, as NSF program director of Antarctic Earth Science in the Division of Polar Programs.

Ford Institute, City Welcome 120 for Week of Volunteering

A member of Knox Presbyterian Church at Albion's Holland Park Playground build
Albion College's Ford Institute was hopping June 14-20 as staffers organized a visit by 120 members of Knox Presbyterian Church from Naperville, Illinois. The church, which has a College connection via the Ford Institute, chose the Albion community as its annual mission trip destination.

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