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Sam Hogg, '05

Becoming an Internet entrepreneur

M.B.A., Michigan State University

Founder/Chief Executive Officer,, East Lansing, Michigan

Most Innovative Business Award, Michigan Business Review, 2009

The diverse curriculum and experiences at Albion helped prepare me for a business world that is ever-changing. On a given day at Albion, I'd have class transitions from "The 1960s" (an American history course) to "Managerial Accounting." In an entrepreneurial role, you need to wear both creative and analytical hats, often at the same time. Albion taught me to stretch my mind in a variety of ways.




Nate Sowa, '03

Breaking through the pain problem

Ph.D., M.D. Candidate, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Cancer Research Training Award, National Cancer Institute

Kirschstein Fellowship, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

My first exposure to scientific research was at Albion. That experience provided a firsthand application of the scientific method to a problem in the real world. The intellectual satisfaction and inspiration from this experience has driven my further academic pursuits, up through my Ph.D. work identifying new drugs to treat chronic pain. Through it all, I constantly return to my Albion principles that keep me "always thinking" about my next experiment.



Allie Judson, '08

Making public policy on 'the Hill'

Executive Assistant, Office of U.S. Congressman David Camp

Washington, D.C.

The classes I took at Albion prepared me well for the policy side of work on Capitol Hill. The liberal arts approach I learned in those classes gave me the encouragement to find a job that combined my personal strengths with my academic interests. After four years and two internships (in Paris, France and Washington, D.C.), I can confidently say that the variety of opportunities, in and out of the classroom, put me where I am today.



James Gignac, '01

Moving the U.S. 'beyond coal'

J.D., Harvard Law School; Former Law Clerk, Alaska Supreme Court

Midwest Director, Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign, Chicago, Illinois

My interest in environmental law was sparked through an environmental history course and an opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary summer research project on threats facing a local watershed. I realized that environmental issues are complex, compelling, and important, touching on economics, social justice, and international relations. Now I'm working to address climate change by moving us beyond coal to clean energy solutions.


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