MSPS 2011: Special Events

Conference Theme

RA's can sometimes feel as though they are trying to run a circus on their floors and in their buildings. They've got to be able to juggle a variety of situations, yet remain in control, keep their lives balanced, and of course, have some fun along the way. To reflect that, our theme this year is, "MSPS 2011: The Greatest Show on Campus."

Closing Banquet

At MSPS 2011 we'll be offering a Closing Banquet to all of those interested.  At the Banquet we'll be showing a slide show from the day, allowing extra conversation and time to explore the Showcase materials.  The MSPS Closing Banquet will be a great opportunity to begin networking, cement new friendships and end the day on a high note!

Residence Life Showcase (Campus Programs, RA Programs, Bulletin Boards, etc.)

Does your campus have really cool programs?  Has one of your RAs made really amazing bulletin boards?  Does your RA staff have the coolest staff t-shirts?  Need ideas for new programs, bulletin boards, community building activities?  Want to find a new way to gather students or educate on a particular topic?  The Residence Life Showcase is for you.  Bring pictures, scrapbook pages, written descriptions (OTMs), slideshows, etc. to show off the best and most successful programs and elements of your Residence Life program.  Explore the Showcase to get new ideas... there's no such thing as "stealing" when it comes to stealing ideas from other Residence Life programs!

Campus Swap

Each delegation will bring items from their college to swap with other students. Feel free to bring anything that relates to your department, division, or college in general. A room will be set up with each college allotted one table to set their swap materials up on. Students will be able to go around and choose/trade items with others. 


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