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Albion Mourns Passing of Biology Professor Ballou, '47

ballou1.jpgKenneth Ballou, '47, a longtime Albion resident who had a successful 36-year career teaching biology at Albion College from 1949-85, passed away Monday, Oct. 26.

Among colleagues and students, Ballou was famous for his meticulous preparation for his comparative anatomy and microbiology courses, a commitment to teaching, and shepherding hundreds of students through the pre-medical studies program he helped found. He served in various leadership roles within the biology department and for 14 years was a faculty marshal for College ceremonial events.

Albion Community Enjoys Faster Internet Connectivity

The Albion College community is enjoying faster Internet connectivity - to the tune of a 423 percent increase - as the information technology department added BroadStripe as a second Internet service provider.

Merit, Albion's initial Internet service provider, offered information technology a connection at 30 megabits per second through last year. The College community reduced the Merit connection to 27 Mbps this year, while adding 100Mbps from BroadStripe.

Biology Major Develops Interest in Medical Research

Mahwish Hafeez, '10, is weighing her options for medical school. D. Trumpie photo.Mahwish Hafeez, '10, arrived on the Albion College campus as a biology major who was interested in pursuing a career as a physician. Her passion for medicine has not waned, but because the outstanding science facilities at Albion have opened the door to incredible off-campus opportunities, her focus has shifted toward research.

Hafeez calls Rochester Hills home, but she spent this past summer in Louisville, Ky., where she worked with Keith Davis, '79, the executive director of the Owensboro Cancer Research Program. Her project was to purify a therapeutic antibody from transgenic tobacco plants and analyze it for specific binding to the anti-Lewis Y receptor normally over-expressed on cancer cell surfaces.

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