Energy Savers

Three easy steps to conserving energy.

  1. Sleep Mode
  2. Turn Off Screen Savers
  3. Turn Off or Shut Down Computer and Monitor

Use of "Sleep Mode"
During the work day, if a computer is inactive for a set period of time you can have your computer use less energy by putting it to SLEEP.


  1. Go to Power Options in the Control Panel
  2. Start→Settings→Control Panel→Power Options
  3. Select the Power Schemes tab
  4. Set Turn off monitor to After 20 Mins
  5. Set Turn off hard disks to After 20 Mins
  6. Click OK


  1. Select the Apple menu
  2. Select System Preferences (OS X) or Control Panels (OS 9)
  3. Click on Energy Saver
  4. Open Sleep set up
  5. Set System sleep time to 20 minutes
  6. Set Display sleep time to 20 minutes
  7. Set Hard disk sleep time to 20 minutes
  8. After your computer has gone into "sleep mode", just move the mouse or touch a key on the keyboard to wake it up.

Screen Savers
Screen Savers DO NOT save energy, in fact they no longer save anything. They were originally designed to protect older monochrome CRT monitors from phosphor burn-in if the same image was displayed for a long time. Screen savers are now used for entertainment or decoration. To better conserve energy, turn off your screen saver and set the monitor to automatically power off as described above.

  1. Go to Display in the Control Panel
  2. Start→Settings→Control Panel→Display
  3. Select the Screen Saver tab
  4. Set Screen saver to (None)

When to Turn Off or Shut Down your computer and monitors

If you will be away from your computer for 5 or more hours it is best to turn off your computer. Contrary to popular belief, computer life is not shortened. Also, the energy savings is greater when equipment is turned off then when it is left in "sleep mode".

We do not recommend the use of Standby or Hibernation.
While these functions provide increased energy conservation, these features do not work on all computers. Use of these features may result in loss of data or system "freeze-up". However, if you are currently using these features successfully, please continue to do so.

Please feel free to contact the Help Desk (ext. 0479 or ) if additional instruction or assistance is needed.