Geoffrey Cocks

Geoffrey Cocks

Professor of History
European History

Office: Robinson Hall 209
Phone: 517/629-0390

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A.B., Occidental College, 1970; M.A., 1971, Ph.D., UCLA, 1975. Appointed 1975.

Courses Offered

1500 Europe 2000 (History 103); 1789 Europe 1918 (History 217); 1918 Europe 1989 (History 218); Film Images of World War II (History/Political Science 229, team-taught); Modern Russia (History 313); Modern Germany (History 390); The Irrational in History (History 395); Kubrick (History 402); The Holocaust (LA 101, First-Year Experience); Seeing the Nazi in American Movies (LA101, First-Year Experience), Great Issues in Fine Arts: Kubrick (HSP 175H, Honors); Kubrick, Film and the Holocaust (History 402.3), Histories of Nazi Germany (HSP 155 H), Film Images of World War II (HSP 131 H).


He is the author of many books including Psychotherapy in the Third Reich (Oxford UP 1985, Transaction Publishers 1997), German Professions, 1800-1950 (1990), The Curve of Life: Correspondence of Heinz Kohut (University of Chicago Press 1994), Medicine and Modernity (Cambridge University Press 1996), Treating Mind and Body (Transaction Publishers 1998), and Psycho/History: Readings in the Method of Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and History (Yale University Press, 1987) , The Wolf at the Door: Stanley Kubrick, History, and the Holocaust (Color Illustrations), Depth of Field: Stanley Kubrick, Film, and the Uses of History (University of Wisconsin Press 2006), The State of Health:  Illness in Nazi Germany (Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 2012).

Recent Articles and Book Chapters

"Indirected by Stanley Kubrick," Post Script 32,2 (2013): 22-34

"Psychotherapy in the Third Reich," Jung Journal 6, 4 (2012): 23-28

"A Quality of Obession Considerably Further East:  The Holocaust in the Cinema of Stanley Kubrick," Shofar:  Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies 28 (2010):  72-85

"Rechts um die Ecke rum:  Wichmannstrasse, Berggasse, Keithstrasse, 1933-1945," in Psychoanalyse in totalitaeren und autoritaeren Regimen (Frankfurt am Main:  Brandes & Apsel, 2010), pp.35-57


Featured In ...

Room 237 (IFC Midnight 2013)

Other Interests

The Nizkor Project: A Holocaust Remembrance, H German, The Internet Movie Database