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Katie Strunk, '15

Katie Strunk, '15 Majors: Economics, Management and Mathematics
Internships: NorthPointe Capital (Summer 2014)
Activities: The British Eighth Marching Band, Albion College Actuarial Club, Investment Club, Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program, QSC Tutor
Current Job: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Why do you love what you do?

I love to challenge myself to find new ways to solve problems.

What did you like most about Albion?

I loved the closeness of the classrooms and the availability of professors.
Some of my best friends I met taking classes for my major.

How did Albion help you get to where you want to be?

I was able to get my first internship through an alumni connection, and my second internship through the club that I started during my senior year.

For me, Albion...

...taught me to question everything I know and to think critically in order to solve problems.

Randolph Kardas, '16

Randolph Kardas, '16

Randy is an accounting-C.P.A. emphasis major with two minors in Business & Organizations and French Language. He is a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and was recently appointed President of I-Space. Randy started a new business called, "Webmisters LLC", a website creation and computer repair firm and has a deep passion for business development. He worked in the summer for the Information Technology department on campus.

“There are countless opportunities for growth here at Albion College. You have the campus faculty and administrators standing beside you ready to aid you on your endeavors.”

Randy is also member of the Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management and hopes to one day own his own private equity investment firm. His future plans are to earn his MBA after gaining experience in the accounting field.

Elena Luce, '17 (2)


Elena is an Accounting CPA emphasis major with a Business and Organizations minor. She had a finance internship with Dow Corning in Midland where she worked on an internal control project. Last year, she was awarded two accounting scholarships, the Robert Hetler Scholarship and the Ernst and Young Scholarship. In addition, she also was a recipient of the Morley Fraser Scholarship and a P250 Scholarship.

“Albion is the best example of ‘big things come in small packages.’ I am truly grateful for having spent my best years at Albion College, and I have made amazing relationships and connections along the way. You will get out exactly what you put in, and I couldn’t express my thanks enough to those who have helped me in my college career.”

Elena is involved in multiple different groups and organizations; Gerstacker Institute, Honors Program, Student Ambassadors, Softball, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, FYE Mentor, Accounting Tutor, and Tour Guide. She also enjoys volunteering at the local elementary school and as a referee for the Special
Olympics tournament. After graduating in May, she hopes to start her career in
Grand Rapids, MI, as a Certified Public Accountant.

“Albion is my home away from home.”

Patrick Wagner


My interest in engineering started when…

I was in high school. I was interested in math and physics, and my family suggested that I give engineering a try. Once I started the Pre-Engineering Program at Albion, I really liked it and found the work to be satisfying.

The professors at Albion are great at…

Expanding the horizon of engineering, math and physics in their classes. They did this by not just talking about theoretical situations, but practical situations too. Because of the small class sizes, I was able to get to know my professors and ask a lot of questions.

On transferring to the University of Michigan - Dearborn

I'm extremely happy with how well Albion prepared me for engineering school. While part of the program at Albion, I took more upper level math and physics classes than was required because these subjects were interesting and fun. Once I transferred to the University of Michigan, everyone started asking me for help in their calculus and physics classes. I made the Dean's list both semesters of my first year there.

My role as an intern at DENSO International America, Inc. involves...

Working in the Engine Management Systems and Components Group 6. We develop and sell different types of sensors found in an engine, with the ultimate goal of getting our sensors purchased by companies like GM, Ford and Chrysler. I'm also working on benchmarking, which involves comparing our sensors to those made by our competitors in order to determine our strengths and weaknesses. I get to tear apart the sensors and figure out how they work, so it's very hands-on and the process is really exciting. It's fun to discover something new everyday.

My Albion experience was invaluable because...

I learned how to be more than just an electrical engineer. I learned how to be an engineer that communicates well with others and who isn't afraid to do something because it seems too difficult. I learned this by being president of the canoe club, captain of the swim team, and community service chairman of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. These positions gave me skills that are essential to being a good engineer. If it wasn't for Albion, I don't know where I would be.

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