December 2006

Sharon McCall started at Dining & Hospitality Services on November 9, 1992. She is a tireless worker that is always working hard and will tackle any task asked of her. She enjoys coming to work at the Albion College and spending time among her co-workers. Sharon is a very dependable employee who is never late for her shift. She does her job with pride and we are very fortunate to have Sharon as an important member of Dining & Hospitality Services. Everyone in the department is Sharon’s friend and vice-versa. DHS_Sharon_McCall
Philip Sleight has been with the College since 1983. He works in the Grounds department assigned to the Quad. Phil is very hard working and exceptionally fastidious with regard to the upkeep and appearance of his area. He has received additional training as a Master Gardner and frequently applies this training in producing attractive and practical landscaping. Grounds_Phil_Sleight
Shahid Malik has been with Information Technology as a Systems/Network Technician since February 2004. When Shahid interviewed for his position, he was asked what three words he would use to describe himself. Shahid responded with “go, go, go”. Those three words very accurately describe his presence on campus. Shahid is an incredibly hard worker and in his short time on campus is well known by most as the one to call for help with computer and printer issues. Users have commented that Shahid performs "miracles" not only by how well he deals with technology issues, but also by the pleasant, helpful manner in which he interacts with users and helps educate them on technology issues. Users are always glad to see him come to their rescue. Because of the excellent job that Shahid does assisting users and putting out fires he makes IT service practically seamless. Shahid is always running under the radar, going across campus assisting users as well as meticulously working in his office doing repairs. Shahid has a quiet manner and a wonderful dry sense of humor and it is truly a pleasure to work with him. He is the epitome of a "go, go, go" worker and someone you can count on to get the job done! Shahid