August 2010


Catherine Sprouse  - Dining & Hospitality Services is pleased to announce Catherine Sprouse as our August 2010 Employee of the Month.  Catie has proven her many talents over the summer as she was instrumental in helping to complete the facelift of Lower Baldwin Dining Hall.  She even surprised herself when she started whirling that paintbrush!  Oh, the skills we don't even realize we have sometimes!  One thing that's for sure though, is Catie's ability to bring a smile and quick service to the students at the Eat Shop Café.  An employee with the department since 1999, we would like to thank Catie for her dedication and service and look forward to seeing her smiling face for many more years to come.




Tracy Markovich has been nominated as the Facilities Operations Employee of the Month.  Tracy is a Maintenance/Technician IV and works with the boiler plant and steam distribution systems.  Universally known as an exceptionally hard worker, Tracy works every day to make sure that the central heating plant operates at peak efficiency.  He is being particularly recognized for his recent work in the "big dig."  Before school opening it was essential to trench across Hannah St. to replace a leaking steam condensate line.  Condensate is steam condensed to hot water once it has given off its usable heat in the change from gas to liquid.  It is essential for boiler efficiency to reclaim as much condensate as possible.  As part of his job to maintain boiler efficiency, Tracy worked for several days doing whatever was necessary from shoveling to pipefitting to directing traffic to see that the "big dig" was completed on time.  Thank you Tracy for all you do behind the scenes every day. 



Pat Miller  - We are pleased to acknowledge Patricia Miller, Administrative Employee of the Month for August, 2010.  Pat is the Associate Director of Dining & Hospitality Services and is responsible for catering, events, conferences, and lodging.  With hundreds of on-campus events annually, Pat and her staff are an integral part of the success of Albion College.  While serving the College for over thirty years, Pat continues to demonstrate her willingness to learn and experiment with new ideas and initiatives.  For example, Pat has shown her commitment to our learning-centered college by engaging in the sustainability theme.  This August, Pat planned extensively for the faculty welcome dinner, which will feature twenty-four Michigan-made and Michigan-grown products from sixteen locations, primarily within seventy miles of Albion.