July 2008

Congratulations to Isaac Wilson for being selected as the dining & Hospitality Services "Employee of the Month" for July 2008. Isaac had the unique opportunity of being nominated for this award by a customer. A key conference attendee went out of her way to tell us that Isaac should be given the employee of the month award for the outstanding service she received. this only reinforces what we've come to expect from Isaac, a hard-working employee who's always willing to go the extra mile for our guests. Congratulations Isaac. Julyl21
Christy Humbyrd has been nominated as the Facilities Operations Employee of the Month. Christy has worked full time in Grounds since June, 2007, having worked part-time previously since 2004. Christy has a background in agriculture along with an interest and appreciation for plants and the environment. she has a lot of energy to go with a very positive attitude and is always looking for ways to improve her area. She is interested in learning new skills and always willing to help. thank you Christy for your efforts in making Albion College a more beautiful place to live and work. Julyl22
Eric Beadle has been nominated as the administrative Employee of the Month. Eric has been with Albion College since 2004, first as Technical Services Supervisor and presently as the Director of Technical Services. Eric has made a very valuable addition with an outstanding blend of leadership ability and technical expertise. Originally hired, at least in part, due to his knowledge of our existing NEC 2400 telephone switch, he has been tasked with replacing the system with a VOIP upgrade. This he has accomplished including the daunting task of having the administrative and faculty components ready for this fall school opening. He has also been responsible for a variety of other projects including management and expansion of the Onity card access system. Thank you Eric for your valuable contribution to Albion College. Julyl23