February 2007

Phyllis Motley has been with the College since May of 1990. Phyllis was nominated by her peers, which is a true tribute to her effect on others. Her co-workers feel that Phyllis “always has a positive attitude regardless of circumstances”. She interacts well with students and takes tremendous pride in her job. Congratulations Phyllis!! Phyllis_Motley
Olin Kissinger has been with the college since 1996 as a Maintenance II. Ollie is a very dependable, hard working employee assigned to work on the boiler plant and steam distribution system performing a very important job that is almost totally unknown. Ollie roams the tunnels, mechanical rooms, and hidden recesses of the campus inspecting the thousands of steam traps and other devices which make the steam distribution system work properly. (A steam trap is a device which assures that steam releases all its energy in the proper place before being returned as condensate). He has documented over $56,000 in energy savings this winter due to this preventative maintenance program. Thank you Ollie for your diligent work behind the scenes which makes Albion College a better place for all of us to live and work. Olin_K

Mark Frever has been with the college since 2002 as Grounds Supervisor. Mark is a graduate of Michigan State University specializing in Turf Management. Under Mark's leadership exceptional progress has been made in improving the quality of college athletic fields including installation of underground irrigation, field renovations, and implementation of turf management practices necessary to produce a top quality product. These efforts were recognized this year by the Michigan Turf Grass Managers Association naming the Morley Fraser Field as Field of the Year. Mark has also shown exceptional leadership and creativity in efforts to reduce our waste disposal costs and enhance recycling. Congratulations to Mark and his staff!