January 2007

Michele Bramble has been with the College since March 2000. Because of her dependability, work ethic and leadership ability, Michele Bramble was recently promoted to Unit Leader in the Eat Shop. Michele provides excellent customer service and is well-liked by the students. Also, showing her customary positive attitude, teamwork and demonstrated skill, Michele was an integral part of successful winter break projects. Michelle
Russ Henson has been with the College since 1987, initially in Housekeeping. He currently works in Campus Services managing inventories, making deliveries, and setting up for events throughout the campus. Russ is exceptionally hard working, frequently doing more work than is reasonably expected of one person. He has exemplary attendance and proven commitment both to his job and the College. He is dependable, works with a minimum of supervision, and can be counted upon to complete the task at hand. This is a department which experienced a staff reduction with Russ picking up much of the extra work. Russ
Don Masternak has been with the college since 1990, initially as the College Architect and presently as the Associate Director of Facilities Operations. Don is very hard working and has exceptionally high standards regarding the quality of the work. During the recent holiday break Don taught and then lead a diverse group of Dining Services, Clerical, Grounds, and student employees in painting and remodeling projects. Don provided exceptional on-site leadership, frequently working along side the employees to demonstrate how the work is to be done properly. Together this group did an exceptional quantity of high quality work in a very cost effective manner. Don