November 2006

Left to right: Troy VanAken, Executive VP; Roberta (Bert) Wilbur, Facilities; Sandy Smith-Nelson, Dining; Pat Miller, Administration and; Ken Kolmodin, Director of Facilities


Sandy Smith-Nelson began her employment at Albion College on October 23, 1974 as a general dining service worker. Due to her adaptability, Sandy has worked her way up to the Crew Leader/Cashier/Grill Cook position. Sandy runs the day-to-day operations at the Eat Shop including the ordering, cash operations, choosing the daily specials, scheduling and keeping the students and staff happy. Everyone that comes in contact with Sandy cannot help but be affected by her sense of humor, fairness and willingness to make the best of any situation. Sandy is not afraid to challenge you, but will make sure in the end, the task is carried out to the best of her ability. She takes a great deal of pride in her work, is very organized, adaptable and gets along very well with the students and all her co-workers. These are only some of the things that make Sandy Smith-Nelson a great employee. All that know her love her not only as a co-worker but as a person who makes a special friend.


Roberta (Bert) Wilbur has been with the College since 1973 and is currently the most senior employee in the department. She is in Housekeeping and has been the Group Leader for many years. She is currently assigned to supervise the housekeepers in Wesley Hall. She has exceptionably high standards of quality and can always be counted on to help out where ever needed. Housekeeping is an area which has experienced budgetary challenges. Through this she maintains excellent standards and works exceptionally well with students and staff.


Pat Miller has been with Albion College since 1979. Her personality and people skills along with the expertise of her job knowledge allow her to act and successfully implement important changes and improvements as interim Director of Dining. She worked with the dining supervisors and hourly dining staff to determine the methodology to implement the proper configuration of part-time and full-time personnel resources and other resources in relation to budgeting. Pat has excelled in the areas of dedication to her work, dependability in critical situations, and the execution of duties and responsibilities over an extended period of time and is commended by management, her peers, and the College for her devotion to her work. Pat handled a tremendous load of work, and she did so with a high level of professionalism and good humor. She is a team player and she employs the team concept in her daily correspondence with her employees. Her determination in getting the job done, no matter how difficult or complicated is evident in all her daily tasks and responsibilities. She always maintains her composure and performs her duties in a professional manner. Her exemplary service has not gone unnoticed by her staff and co-workers who highly embraced her because she always has time to help them, no matter what the task.


VanAken & Smith-Nelson


VanAken, Wilbur & Kolmodin


VanAken, Smith-Nelson & Miller