Student Awards and Scholarships

2010 Irwin Society Inductees2010 Irwin Society Inductees: Sabrina Sutherland, Heather Bresnahan, Jacqueline Rollin (front); Stephanie Kelly, Kristin Butler, Lauren Ponta, Elizabeth Schulhoff (back); Marissa Alaska, Calvin Gardner, Lisa Hoehn, Thomas Kawel, Kaylee Pope (not pictured)The 2009-2010 English majors were a talented group. The department inducted 12 seniors into the Irwin Society, the English honorary, and five of these seniors won special awards: Sabrina Sutherland won the Heaton Prize for excellence in the major; Kristin Butler and Elizabeth Schulhoff won the John Hart award for excellence in literary study; and Lisa Hoehn and Stephanie Kelly won the Senior Writing Prize.

English majors in their third, second, and first years also distinguished themselves. This year we awarded the Gildart Creative Writing Awards in Fiction to Ashley Hull (1st place) and Josiah Fallot (2nd place), and in Poetry to Emily Hopkins (1st place) and Josiah Fallot (2nd place). Steven Gadzinski won the John Wayne Stringer Award in Journalism, and Kelsey Lauer won the Roxanne Sayre Endowed Scholarship Award. Last but not least, the recipient of this year's Heaton scholarship was Emily Hopkins.

2010 English Department award winners2010 English Department Award Winners: Sabrina Sutherland (front); Elizabeth Schulhoff, Kristin Butler, Stephanie Kelly, Emily Hopkins, Steven Gadzinski (back)Below is a partial list of the honoraries, awards and scholarships offered to our majors:

  • The Sally A. and Forrest W. Heaton Endowed Scholarship in Literature (1st or 2nd Year Students)

  • The John Wayne Stringer Award in Journalism

  • The Roxanna Sayre Award in Environmental Journalism

  • The Sally A. and Forrest W. Heaton Endowed Prize in Literature (Excellence in the Major)

  • The John Hart Award (Excellence in Literary Study)

  • The Senior Writing Prize

  • The Robert Gildart Creative Writing Awards (Fiction, Poetry, Drama)

  • The Joseph Irwin Society