Mikal McKoy, '16 (2)


Mikal McKoy, ’16, describes Albion as a small school with a big name and even bigger connections. “You could end up in California somewhere and there might only be one person who knows of Albion, but that one person can make a huge difference,” he says.

In terms of his personal hands-on experience, for Mikal it’s all about relationships. He speaks fondly of the Intercultural Affairs office, filled with a staff that helped him get readmitted after taking a semester off. Upon his return, they helped him secure on-campus employment so that he could pay his way through college. “They really made a big impact as far as helping me move forward,” he says.

Mikal also says that he learned how to be a better student because of the relationships he has built with his professors. “Even when office hours aren’t available, they make the time. That connection has always made me feel more welcome.” He recently went on a trip to New Orleans with professors Marcy Sacks and Dominick Quinney to visit the Whitney Plantation. “I took African American History with Marcy Sacks, and she kept in touch with me throughout the years to make sure I was doing ok. She told me this trip was a great opportunity and she really wanted me to go,” he says. He’s not sure whether or not he would have ever had this experience if not for the Albion professors that care about him.

As a receiver on the football team and member of the MIAA championship 4x100 relay team, Mikal still finds time to help others despite his busy athletic schedule. He’s a member of the Black Student Alliance, the Smooth Transitions Mentor Program, and currently has five mentees on the football team. “They remind me a lot of where I was at as a first-year student,” he says. “It’s always really rewarding when I can help someone.”

After completing his degree in psychology at Albion, Mikal hopes to help in the community, attend graduate school and eventually work with youth. He says that his professors and peers have made an invaluable impact on his life, and he hopes to one day do the same for others.

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Jamal Yearwood, '17

Jamal Yearwood, ’17

Jamal Yearwood, ’17, says that Albion, “Gives you the tools to succeed, rather than just a task to exceed.” Double majoring in biology and Spanish is not easy, but Jamal says that he loves being surrounded by such driven individuals. “The professors here are so smart. You get to know them on such a personal level that you forget they’re also publishing leading research in their field,” he explains. While speaking of his peers, he says that they all want each other to succeed and to be a good representation of the College.

In 2013, Jamal received a full-tuition scholarship through the Distinguished Albion Scholars Program (DASP) and he chose Albion because of the pre-med program. He has learned several valuable lessons through his involvement on campus with Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, and the Healthcare Institute. He says that the Nwagni Project, a student-run, non-profit organization, has taught him how to work with people of all different backgrounds and how to meet them at their level. “I’ve learned how to adapt a plan to the individual, rather than just expecting them to do things my way,” he says.

This semester, Jamal is currently in San Jose, Costa Rica where he will conduct research on public health guidelines. When he returns to Albion, he will study and provide a summary of his research findings. “Albion has shown me how talented I can be as an individual. Professors give you the confidence you need to believe that you’re capable of meeting a goal.”

Jamal has certainly had his share of accomplishments while at Albion and he says that it takes a certain type of person to thrive here. “If you’re going to come to Albion, you have to be ready for more than just college,” he says. “You have to want to grow and excel.”

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Kristen Beyer, '16

Kristen Beyer, '16 as an intern in London.

For Kristen Beyer, '16, Albion College is her home away from home. "The professors here are more than willing to help students with anything that they may need, from staying late for office hours, emailing back almost immediately and giving each student the hands-on experience they need to succeed. During my three years at Albion, I have been inspired by so many professors and will always be grateful for what they have done for me."

Kristen Beyer, '16 poses in front of the Dorchester. Kristen has had many hands-on opportunities throughout her time on campus. During the fall of her junior year, Kristen was given the chance to study abroad with the Boston University London Internship Program. Coming into college, she says she never thought that she would receive the opportunity to go abroad. While in London, she was given a rigorous course schedule based on her interests in advertising, marketing, and public relations while also completing a marketing and public relations internship. Her internship was for a start-up project and cost management company called Future54, located in Victoria. Here, Kristen applied her knowledge from both her course work at Albion College and the internship program to improve the Company's marketing and public relations strategies. Several of her suggestions are still used today by the company. "This hands-on experience gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and step out of my comfort zone. I came back from London a completely different person, and I have Albion College to thank for that", Kristen says.

On Albion's campus, Kristen is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority where she has served as both the Event Director and the Online Media Manager. She is also a member of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communications Honor Society. This summer, Kristen is getting more hands-on experience through her internship with Albion's Marketing Communications office, where she is learning more about the marketing field and putting her knowledge to work in a real-world environment.

"I'm thankful that I chose a Liberal Arts education because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my future, and Albion College has allowed me to take various classes so that I can discover what I am truly passionate about". Kristen has now found her passion for the marketing field and is planning for her future. Currently, Kristen is on track to graduate December of 2016, and is applying to graduate schools, hoping to eventually receive her Master's Degree in International Marketing!

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