Ethan Brock

Albion prepared Ethan.
Without the top-notch education I received at Albion, especially from the Biology Department, I would not be where I am today. It’s as simple as that. My professors invested so much into my development, not only as a scientist but as a person. I can only hope to pay them back one day by paying it forward.
Albion is a catalyst for potential. It’s a place where friendships are forged, memories are made, and many late study nights include a trip to the Eat Shop. Most of all, it’s a place I call home.

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Allison Moore Beers

Albion prepared Allison.
Albion provided me with an amazing foundation for the skills it takes to be an entrepreneur. It allowed me to explore my interests and find the perfect fit in the world. While at Albion I was encouraged to look into an internship to bring the knowledge that I learned in the classroom to real work experience. When I took my first summer internship in Chicago, I thought I wanted a career in public relations. I quickly realized that I enjoyed the events that we planned more than the media relations work. For my second summer internship, I looked for an event planning agency and fell in love with the industry. This experience helped narrow my career path so that when I left college I knew the exact job I wanted to find.
Albion is about becoming the person you are destined to be!

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Sumedha Makker

Albion prepared Sumedha.
[My professors] had the greatest impact on me. They… always believed in me, pushed me, and supported me throughout my time at Albion and even after. Their incredibly successful careers made me want to constantly reach to achieve more both academically and professionally and I will always be grateful for that. They have been… the best role models and mentors in my life and I am so grateful to Albion College for connecting me with them!
Albion has truly made me into the woman that I am today: strong, confident, hard-working, determined and resilient. Every time I face obstacles in my life, I think back to my time at Albion and all the hard work I put in with the help of all my mentors and classmates and I am reminded that I really can get through anything. The friendships and networks that I built through my time at Albion will be a part of my life forever, and I have no doubt about that.

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Michael Harrington

Albion challenged Michael.
At Albion, I learned to think critically and express myself clearly. I also learned the importance of listening to and collaborating with others who have diverse perspectives to accomplish shared goals.
Albion is the place where I learned to take risks by exploring issues and questions that interested me without needing to know where they would lead me. In a real and meaningful way, I can trace where I am today directly back to the encouragement and mentoring I received at Albion College.

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