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Mallory Brown

From math whiz to world changer.

Albion allowed me to discover what I truly loved and gave me the confidence to pursue it.

In high school, she thought she'd found her career.

Although Mallory was an excellent math and science student in high school, she really wanted to become an event planner, working behind the scenes at awards ceremonies, parades, and parties. In her college search, she looked at big schools and small schools, and was ultimately attracted to Albion because of the close relationships that professors have with their students.

At Albion, she took a different path.

Mallory began pursuing event planning by working on Albion’s Union Board, but it was through the study-abroad program and her experiences in the Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management that she found her true calling. She studied in Paris, added a major in French, and lived in the foreign language house. She knew there must be a way to combine all of these interests into a career.

Today, she's putting her education to work.

Now, as the owner of World Clothes Line, Mallory brings together her love for international travel with her experience in business while giving back and helping others. For every item of clothing that she sells, her company donates a similar item to a needy person in Peru, Indonesia, Africa, or the U.S. She plans to expand her operations to other countries as she continues to travel and as her business grows.

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Jon Scieszka

From biology lab to best-seller list.

At Albion, I got a true, deep, and rich liberal arts education.

In high school, Jon liked just about everything.

As a student at Culver Military Academy, Jon excelled in classes in a variety of fields. Unsure of his future plans, he kept circling back to a career in medicine. Coming from a small town, he was drawn to Albion’s smaller size, and the scholarships he received convinced him to choose Albion.

At Albion, he was inspired.

As a pre-med student, Jon spent a lot of time in the biology lab, but he also began to explore his flair for writing. He was particularly inspired by a course on myths, dreams, and fairy tales, where he discovered how he could use the structure of fairy tales to create his own stories. One of his first was inspired by an assignment for a comparative anatomy class: with “Ode to a Trout Skull” and other pieces, he started to hone his style.

And now, he’s inspiring children of today.

In 2008, Jon was named the Library of Congress’s first-ever National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. A former teacher turned best-selling author, he’s sold over 11 million copies of his books worldwide, including The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, Math Curse, and the Time Warp Trio series.

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Michael David

From Latin scholar to Broadway producer.

Albion gave me the structured freedom that allowed me to discover my career.

In high school, he lacked direction.

At Grosse Pointe High School, Michael was a student who excelled in the subjects he liked, but couldn’t imagine how they’d connect to what he’d eventually do in life. He was part of the drama club, sang in the choir, and played football. He knew what inspired him, but he didn’t see how his interests could lead to a clear career path.

At Albion, he discovered his passion.

Michael signed up for the activities and classes that intrigued him. He loved studying classical languages and literature, and found himself with a speech communication major. Through Anthony Taffs’ music class, he furthered his love of music, and his passion for the theatre began when he took to the Albion stage in Solid Gold Cadillac. When he graduated, two Albion professors encouraged him to apply to Yale’s prestigious drama school.

For the past 40 years, he's been taking Broadway by storm.

Now, more than 50 Tony Awards later, Michael has taken his passion for theatre to the next level. He’s produced more than 300 plays and musicals in New York, including some of Broadway’s most beloved shows, such as Jersey Boys, 42nd Street, Titanic, The King and I, and Tommy, and his production of Vanities holds the record as the longest-running play in Off-Broadway history.

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Mike Kopec

From FURSCA to physician.

Albion helped me achieve balance.

In high school, Mike was uncertain about his goals.

As a high school student, Mike was thinking about going into medicine, but wasn’t completely sure of his direction. When looking at colleges, he had two criteria: he wanted to stay in Michigan, and he wanted to attend a smaller school. Weighing his options, he chose Albion for its exceptional pre-med program and the strength of its liberal arts education.

At Albion, he discovered his calling.

Mike knew a career in medicine was right for him when he shadowed a cardiothoracic surgeon (who happened to be an Albion graduate) during open-heart surgery. Through the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA), he also conducted biological research in Nova Scotia. He began to develop his leadership skills, participating in a host of community service projects at Albion. Between his studies and his many activities, Mike was busy, but he credits Albion with helping him keep everything in balance.

And now, he’s helping build better communities.

Mike is now chief resident with the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine, but his priority is giving back to the community. He was the recipient of the Karmanos Hospice Volunteer of the Year Award as a medical student, and as a resident currently spends time taking care of patients in teen health clinics and performing school physicals in the Ann Arbor area.

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