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Melissa Roudabush

In a nutshell, what do you do?
I’m a partner in a small law firm that focuses on family law and estate planning. Because it’s a small firm, I do a lot more than just practice law—I’m also a marketer, web designer, bookkeeper, and more.
What are you working on right now?
I am currently drafting content for our firm’s website.
Why do you love what you do?
I make a difference in the lives of real people every single day.
How did Albion help you get there?
My time at Albion was my first opportunity to really explore injustice and to speak out against it. While I was there, I gained valuable life lessons I don’t think I could have found elsewhere. I formed lifelong relationships with fellow students, professors, and staff members, and I had multiple opportunities to travel the world through my studies at Albion.
For me, Albion ...
... was the beginning. While at Albion, I was able to search for what fit me and, even when I thought I had found it, I was encouraged to keep searching.
Anything else you'd like to add?
I can’t imagine having gone to college anywhere else.

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Donza Worden

What kind of internship or off-campus experiences did you have as a student?
Three investment banking internships: Columbus, Ohio; New York City (worked remotely); and Chicago. In Chicago, I worked for Baird’s investment banking division and started full-time as an analyst in July of 2013.
Describe the path you’ve been following as a recent Albion graduate.
After graduating in December 2012, I traveled from December to June. A fellow Albion alum and I traveled to over 20 countries across three continents. We started in New Zealand and ended our trip in England. With Baird, all analysts are given a two-year contract with a third-year option given to a few select individuals.
Why do you love the field you’re pursuing? What drew you to it?
The competitive nature to enter the field, the opportunities that investment banking provides, as well as the analytical work involved in the career are what drew me to it.
How did Albion foster that interest?
Through a rigorous academic program, highlighted by the Fed Challenge, and a great alumni network that facilitated my career opportunities.
For me, Albion...
... has given me the tools and resources to be successful both on a personal and professional level.
Anything else you’d like to add about your Albion experience?
In this economic environment it is crucial to proactively look for a job. Going to Albion doesn’t give one a free pass into a successful career, but through the alumni network, education and College resources, it is more than possible.

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Nate Sowa

In a nutshell, what do you do?
Currently, I am a resident psychiatrist at UNC Hospitals, which means that I treat patients admitted to UNC, as well as those in the outpatient setting for their mental health needs. I prescribe medications to target mental health symptoms, as well as provide psychotherapy services. I also spend a fair amount of time conducting research, particularly in the area of improving mental health care delivery for those with chronic medical illness (such as HIV) in medical settings. I am especially interested in the integration of mental health care into primary care and specialty care settings. I will be graduating at the end of this academic year, and am applying for a fellowship in psychosomatic medicine, which is the specialty of providing mental health care to the medically ill.
What are you working on right now?
My current research project looks at the treatment of depression in patients with HIV in infectious disease clinics. I am specifically interested in what factors predict which patients respond better to treatment and which patients may need higher levels of care.
Why do you love what you do?
Psychiatry is a wonderful field, where you get involved in the intimate details of people’s lives. Even more so than other fields of medicine, you recognize the importance of the social factors that influence an individual’s health—both physical and mental health. It is interesting work, and it can be highly rewarding. In addition, understanding the processes that lead to complex human behavior is a fascinating proposition.
How did Albion help you get there?
Albion provided me with the background in the basic sciences that allowed me to thrive in the academic aspects of medical school. It also gave me the tools to think critically and design interesting research projects. Essentially, my experiences there taught me the basics on how to learn, which have been instrumental in everything I’ve done.
For me, Albion...
... provided a remarkable environment for me to grow during a critical period in my intellectual development. It has given me the tools necessary to analyze and optimize any situation I may encounter. I owe so much to my time there.

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Dan Moilanen

In a nutshell, what do you do?
I’m a community organizer. I work on building community in various ways around the city of Flint. Specifically as Club Manager for Flint Local 432, I promote all-ages, substance free shows to help develop a community of artists, musicians, and patrons for area youth and adults. So basically I work in live audio production, social media management, marketing, and communications. In addition, with Resource Genesee I help organize various volunteer projects for folks within the JET Program through Michigan Works / Career Alliance. In order to receive cash-assistance, they are required to work, go to school, or volunteer, so we find meaningful community volunteer projects for them. We work with countless non-profits in Genesee County to help develop work skills and opportunities for low-income families.
Why do you love what you do?
Flint is a community that desperately needs energetic people who are willing to make a direct impact in their community. I find this city extremely interesting in that it has an environment where if you have an idea or passion to create positive, lasting change, you can find the support and connections to get things done. I love helping people realize their full potential, whether it be through the arts or through work education programs. On top of it all, I get to help other non-profits achieve their mission in a variety of ways. Every day is different, every day is something new.
How did Albion help you get there?
Albion helped develop the skills I needed to be adaptable in a rapidly changing environment. In the non-profit sector in Flint, there are always new challenges and struggles that require the ability to quickly adapt in order to keep going. Sometimes individuals may end up wearing multiple hats for their organizations and my ability to think critically as a result of my liberal arts education prepared me to handle new challenges. Being a versatile and well-rounded adult in my professional career is a direct result of the opportunities I had when I attended Albion College. My exceptional education from the faculty in the Political Science and Philosophy departments, membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon, and my involvement in several organizations helped make me a true modern renaissance man.
For me, Albion... an institution that turns young people into well-rounded adults capable of creating real and lasting change in virtually any sector of the economy.

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