Program Outline

Track 1 (Albion College degree-seeking student)

Students enrolled in this track:

  • Are degree-seeking students at Albion College enrolled in a minimum of one academic major who carry the required 3 units to maintain full-time status (with 4 units recommended in order to fulfill graduation requirements in 4 years)
  • Attend two unmounted lectures/practical labs and two riding lessons per week (scheduled around regular class times)
  • Attend additional lectures and field trips as scheduled/necessary
  • Have the option to remain on-campus during summer semester breaks to continue the BHS program and increase their hands-on, practical hours

Students also have the opportunity to board their horse at the Held Equestrian Center, compete on Albion's equestrian teams, and compete locally, regionally, and nationally as schedules and finances permit.

Track 2 (BHS candidate not seeking an Albion College degree)

Candidates in this track:

  • Are not enrolled as Albion College bachelor's degree-seeking students but are enrolled solely in the BHS training program at the Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center
  • Attend unmounted lectures and mounted lessons twice per day, 5 days a week
  • Perform daily barn chores 6 days per week and stay in the program year-round (46 weeks per year)
  • Live off campus
  • Complete the program in a time frame that corresponds to their level of experience and proficiency upon entering the program, with most students achieving BHSAI (Assistant Instructor), International Level I within 2 years.

BHS candidates will, like Albion College students, have the opportunity to board their horse at the Held Equestrian Center and compete locally, regionally, and nationally if they choose.