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Deborah Steketee - Aquinas College

 Deborah Steketee - Aquinas College Dr. Steketee's teaching experience includes undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental studies, environmental policy, geography and international development as well as continuing education workshops and seminars. Dr. Steketee has also been employed as an environmental advocate and educator, television producer, and magazine editor. Strongly committed to community service, Dr. Steketee continues to be actively engaged in various community and sustainability-related activities and initiatives.

Past Speakers

Learning from Business Professionals

Each year the Gerstacker Institute hosts business leaders who deliver speeches and interact with students. These speakers come from all areas of business and often have strong ties with the Albion College community. Besides providing presentations and career advice for their individual fields, most speakers also reserve time to meet with students in a more personal setting.

Students often meet with visiting professionals in a small group or on a one-to-one basis. These discussions offer great networking opportunities for students interested in internships seeking advice.

Here are some of our recent speakers:

General Motors executive John Ferris, '89 visited campus in April 2011.

General Motors' John Ferris, '89, a key player behind the development of the Chevrolet Volt, spoke to Gerstacker students during his April 2011 visit to campus.

Professional Development Activities

A student and a potential employer during a mock interview.

Part of the Gerstacker Institute's belief is that some things cannot be learned in a classroom. There are aspects of character that cannot be put on a résumé but will be recognized instantly during a job interview. The Gerstacker Institute helps students to learn these skills.

Etiquette Dinner
Although job interviews often occur in offices and conference rooms, many business meetings also take place during a meal. How you present yourself in this type of social setting may make or break an employer's decision to hire you. What do your table manners say about you? This workshop teaches the finer points of dining etiquette and prepares students for success in these situations.

Mock Interviews
The best way to acquire interview experience is to practice in the safety of your own institution. The mock interviews workshop is a daylong event in which hiring representatives from more than a dozen Michigan firms come to campus to give practice job interviews to Gerstacker students. Each student goes through a minimum of three interviews and is given feedback after each one. This allows them to identify and build upon their current strengths, as well as identify aspects of the interview process they need to work on.

Meet Gerstacker Students

Meet Our Students

Our students come from all walks of life. Their diverse backgrounds allow them to not only learn and grow from each other, but also leave a positive impression on the Gerstacker Institute. Each of our students leaves the program having made a significant impact on the program, their peers, and the professors who've instructed them.

This section is meant to give you an insight into the breadth of students we have in the program. These students not only share their professional and personal ambitions, but also share some of their fondest Gerstacker memories. Of course, from day one our students are taught to learn from each other's experiences, so look for advice for prospective students.

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