Summer Research Projects, Summer 2013


Intersection of Immigration and Sexuality: Michigan Voices for LGBT Issues in U.S. Immigration
Chelsea Cutright (Adviser: Brian Watkins)

Art and Art History

Exploring the Graphic Novel as an Artistic and Narrative Medium
Sara Jongeward (Adviser: Gary Wahl)


Three-Dimensional Structure Modeling of Anabaena Group I Ribozyme
Alex Schumaker (Adviser: Christopher Rohlman)


Assessment of Microbial Community Dynamics in Aquatic and Adjacent Terrestrial Environments: A Comparative Study Along the Kalamazoo River 
Bradley Baker (Adviser: Ola Olapade)

Alarm Call Modifications and Behavioral Responses to Predatory Threats in Breeding House Wrens
Scott DesRosiers (Adviser: Douglas White)

Determining Hydrolytic Enzyme Activities of Indigenous Microbes Along the Kalamazoo River
Anne Marie Galus (Adviser: Ola Olapade)

Nestling Responses to Alarm and Food Calls of Adult House Wrens
Rachel Kohanov (Adviser: E. Dale Kennedy)

Investigation of the Inhibition of Angiogenesis by sJAM-B Via the SRC Kinase
Adam Kudirka (Adviser: Bradley Rabquer)

Host-Pathogen Interaction in Drosophila and Wolbachia
Jack Manquen (Adviser: Roger Albertson)

A Survey of Parkage Trees in Albion Economic Neighborhoods and Public Housing
Lucas Martin (Adviser: Dan Skean)

An Analysis of the Spread of the Wolbachia Bacterium in Michigan Populations of Drosophila
Allison McClish (Adviser: Roger Albertson)

A Drosophila Model For Characterization of Mumps Virus/Host Interactions
Adam Ronk (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Quantitative Investigation of an Alpha-Synuclein-Proteasome Interaction: A Model for Parkinson's Disease in Drosophila melanogaster
Luke Salbert (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Annotating Fosmids in Drosophila
Brittney Stanton (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Effect of sJAM-C on Monocyte Migration Through ERK Pathway
Lizzie Tuma (Adviser: Bradley Rabquer)

The Prevalence and Intensity of Aeromonas Hydrophila in Frog Populations in South Central Michigan
Anna Ward (Adviser: Dean McCurdy)


Investigation of Phosphate-Catalyzed Dimerization of Simple Sugars
Erica Earl (Adviser: Vanessa McCaffrey)

The Taylor Reaction: An Exploration Into Vinylboronic Compounds
Jillian McManaman (Adviser: Cliff Harris)

Room Temperature Synthesis of Shaped Palladium Nanoparticles on Carbon Microspheres
Stephanie Sanders (Adviser: Kevin Metz)

Manganese Chemistry in an Automated Liquid Handler
Brendan Wass (Adviser: Cliff Harris)

Economics and Management

Marxian and Keynesian Approaches to Economic Crisis With the Focus On the Great Recession
Tram Hoang (Adviser: Gregory Saltzman)

Capital Account Liberalization
John Rogers (Adviser: Bohan Ilievski)


Jane Austen and Christianity: How Austen's Works Reflect Her Views
Elizabeth Nykamp (Adviser: Sally Jordan)

Investigating Creative Nonfiction: Climate Change and the Younger Generation
Olivia Potoczak (Adviser: Nels Christensen)

Artistic Creation As a Means of Overcoming the Horrors of Trench Warfare
Emma Stapley (Adviser: Mary Collar)

Are Superheros a Modern Mythology?
Travis Trombley (Adviser: Amity Reading)

Realizing the Body Through Poetry
Lindsay Weiss (Adviser: Mary Collar)


Lava Glow Analysis: Insight Into the Past Volcanic Activity of the Black Rock Desert, Utah
Ben Hinks (Adviser: Thomas Wilch)

Investigating the Fluid Mediated Chemical Exchange Between Eclogite and Orthogneiss During Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphism in the Tso Morari Terrane, Indian Himalayas
David Huggins (Adviser: Carrie Menold)

Spatial and Temporal Measurements of the Sources of Groundwater Entering the Kalamazoo River and Rice Creek
Heidi Keller (Adviser: Tim Lincoln)

Invertebrate Palaeontology of the Mississippian Bayport Limestone, Bellevue, Michigan
Evan New (Adviser: Bill Bartels)

Using Remote Sensing and Field Spectrometry to Discriminate Maize and Soybeans for Cropland Mapping Applications
Hannah Pankratz (Adviser: Michael McRivette)

Fluid Inclusion Study of the Black Hills
James Reynolds (Adviser: Tim Lincoln)

Stream Channel Morphology and Ground Water Flow and its Relationship to Diel Turbidity Cycles
Noelle Scelina (Adviser: Thomas Wilch)

Description of a Remarkable Occurrence of Fossil Turtles From the Eocene of Wyoming
Glenn Tigner (Adviser: Bill Bartels)


The War: The Impact of World War II on Albion College
Christopher Blaker (Adviser: Wesley Dick)

American Perceptions of Mao Zedong Since 1937
Patrick Buck (Adviser: Midori Yoshii)


Dividing By Zero
Rebecca Guntz (Adviser: Mark Bollman)

An Investigation Into Wheel Theory
Brian Wu (Adviser: Mark Bollman)


Is Silence Golden?: Creating a Soundtrack For a Silent Film
Brandon Douglas (Adviser: Samuel McIlhagga)

Marching Percussion: The Art of Creative Redesign
Elizabeth Renaud (Adviser: Samuel McIlhagga)

Spoken Word Poetry: Translating It to Paper
Raysha Stacey (Adviser: Marureen Balke)


Classical Conditioning in the Earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris): An Olfactory Paradigm
Holly Paxton (Adviser: W. Jeffrey Wilson)

Language and Creativity
Emma Schaff (Advisers: Andrea Francis and Mareike Wieth)

Reducing Health Anxiety when Investigating Health Conditions Online
Danielle Wesolowicz (Adviser: Mareike Wieth)

Sleep, Nutrition, and Performance in College Athletes
Alexandra Yaw (Adviser: Tammy Jechura)


Statistical Analysis of Lunar Impact Products
Stefan Blachut (Adviser: Nicolle Zellner)

Political Science

A New Deal For Michigan
Salaina Catalano (Adviser: Wesley Dick)


Wharf Rats: Ex-Addicts Still Touring The Greatful Dead
Joshua Cohen (Adviser: Scott Melzer)

How Hip-Hop Is Reviving Detroit
Walter Kacher (Adviser: Lynn Verduzco-Baker)


The Actor's Path: Antiquity to Modern Day
Callie Bussell (Adviser: Robert Starko)

Women and Gender Studies

Aftercare For Sex Trafficking Survivors
Nora Riggs (Adviser: Tricia Franzen)

Summer Research Projects, Summer 2012

Art and Art History

A Monograph of the Artist Betsy Damon
Katie Monroe (Adviser: Bille Wickre)

The Ceramic Process: an Artistic Inquiry
Soe Yu New (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)


Wolbachia Influence on Behavior/Physiology of Drosophila Melanogaster
Jacqueline Chung (Adviser: Roger Albertson)

Cross Species Amplification of Sabatia Campestris Microsatellite Markers for Investigation of Genetic Diversity in S. Angularis, S. Formosa and S. Stellaris
Kristen Chung (Adviser: Sheila Lyons-Sobaski)

Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators of Water Quality in Rice Creek, Michigan: a 10 year follow up study
Andrew Franklin (Adviser: Dean McCurdy)

Soluble Junctional Adhesion Molecules and Their Role in Angiogenesis
Abby Hess (Adviser: Bradley Rabquer)

Vascular Flora and Plant Communities of the Harvey N. Ott Biological Preserve, Calhoun County, Michigan
Anna Miller (Adviser: Dan Skean)

Soluble Junctional Adhesion Molecules and Their Role in Angiogenesis
Ashley Miracle (Adviser: Bradley Rabquer)

Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators of Water Quality in Rice Creek, MI: a 10 year follow up study
Haley Plasman (Advisor: Dean McCurdy)

Does Changing the Substituents on Vanadium Complexes Impact Their Toxicity Towards Cancer Cells?
Isaac Veysey-White (Advisor: Roger Albertson)

Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators of Water Quality in Rice Creek, MI: a 10 year follow up study
Anna Ward (Advisor: Dean McCurdy)


Chiral Catalysts of Titanium (III)
Chelsea Copi (Adviser: Cliff Harris)

Pd Nanoparticles Plated on Carbon Planchets to Catalyze the Suzuki Reaction
Michael Dix (Adviser: Kevin Metz)

Does Changing the Substituents on Vanadium Complexes Impact Their Toxicity Toward Cancer Cells?
Hayley Gerber (Adviser: Vanessa McCaffrey)

Synthesis of Shaped Palladium Nanoparticles on Graphite Substrates as Catalysts for the Suzuki Coupling Reaction
Christopher Kruppe (Adviser: Kevin Metz)

Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescently Labeled Group I Intron RNA Substrates
Brandon Sams (Adviser: Christopher Rohlman)

Optimization of the Suzuki Coupling Reaction Catalyzed by Membrane Supported Palladium Nanoparticles
Stephanie Sanders (Adviser: Kevin Metz)

Synthesis, Characterization, and Modeling of Anabaena Group I Ribozyme
Alex Schumaker (Adviser: Christopher Rohlman)

Methoxylation of Limonene over Heterogeneous Zeolite Catalyst
Christopher Scott (Adviser: Vanessa McCaffrey)

Economics and Management

What Factors Influence A Person To Vote?
Dannie Fountain (Adviser: Vicki Baker)


The Life, Death, and Legacy of Oscar Wilde: The Queensberry Trials and Their Effect on the Public’s Perception of Homosexual Men
Phillip Carlisle (Adviser: Sally Jordan)

Creating New Forms of Poetry
Shonte Daniels (Adviser: Helena Mesa)

Quantum Fiction: Examining the Science in Science Fiction
Kennie Ione Kellerhals (Adviser: Danit Brown)


Geographic Information System Analysis of the Distribution of Recent Reptiles With Respect to Climate and its use in Generating Quantitative Paleoclimate Estimates
Christopher Claes (Adviser: Bill Bartels)

The Effect of Plant Cycles on Daily Nitrate Fluctuations
Kenneth Gibbons (Adviser: Tim Lincoln)

Relationships among Wetlands, Sources of Groundwater Entering the Upper Kalamazoo River, and Turbidity Cycling
Aaron Hiday (Adviser: Tim Lincoln)

Invertebrate Palaeontology of the Mississippian Bayport Limestone, Bellevue, Michigan
Evan New (Adviser: Bill Bartels)


World War II: Citizen Soldiers Tell Their Stories
Christopher Blaker (Adviser: Wesley Dick)

Hoxha’s Albania: A Study of Albanian Communism
Brian Paul (Adviser: Geoffrey Cocks)

Conflict and Community on Beaver Island, 1812-2012
Katherine Sexton (Adviser: Wesley Dick)

Math and Computer Science

A 3D Rendering and Analysis Tool for Mathematical Modular Knots
Preston Arquette (Adviser: David Reimann)


Science and the Sublime: Exploring Quantum Mechanics through Musical Composition
Joseph Barden (Adviser: James Ball)

Music Composition for Jazz and Classical Guitar
Chad Bousley (Adviser: James Ball)

Different Styles of modern Jazz: Composition and Recording
Matthew Gallick (Adviser: James Ball)

Conflicting Emotions
Peter Kelly (Adviser: Russ Nebelung)

Piano Pedagogy
Scott Santoro (Adviser: Lia Jensen-Abbott)


Personality Differences in Time of Day Preference
Zachary Kribs (Adviser: Andrew Christopher)

Automated Measurement and Recording of Location and Circadian Rhythms in Earthworms
Elizabeth Renaud (Adviser: W. Jeffrey Wilson)


Lunar Spectroscopy
Alysandra Ganem (Adviser: Nicolle Zellner)

Whitehouse Nature Center

Environmental Filmmaking at the Nature Center
Bian Wang (Adviser: David Green) 

Summer Research Projects, Summer 2014

Art and Art History

Developing A Potter's Process
Austin Christie (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)

Exploration Into Mid-Range Glaze Techniques For Ceramics
Riley Coon (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)

Printing Albion's History: An Exploration of Early Documentation
Audrey DeGroot ( Adviser: Ashley Feagin)

Emotions Through Clay
Corissa Detwiler (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)

Graphic Novel
Hannah Litvan (Advisers: Michael Dixon and Glenn Deutsch)

Developing A Potter's Practice
Katie Monroe (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)


Nocturnal Desertions and Initiation of Dawn Activity in Female House Wrens (Trolodytes aedon)
Kara Bowers (Advisers: E. Dale Kennedy and Doug White)

Investigation of the Role of sJAM-B in Angiogenesis
Morgan Carey (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)

Analysis of NO3 Concentrations and Nitrate Reducing Bacterial Populations in the Pore Water of Groundwater Seeps Within the Kalamazoo River
Brent Heerspink (Advisers: Ola Olapade and Tim Lincoln)

Digitizing the Holding of the Albion College Herbarium
Matthew Kleinow (Adviser: Dan Skean)

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Biological and Socially Constructed Cultural Identity
Tori Malus (Adviser: Sheila Lyons-Sobaski)

Using the Drosophila model for Study of Mumps
Joseph Silvestri (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Chemotherapy Alternatives Using Vanadium Complexes on Cancer Cells
Victoria Sochor (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)

miRNAs Regulate Adhesion Molecule Expression During Inflamation
Safiya Syed (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)


Silver Nanoparticle Synthesis on Carbon Materials for Water Filtration
Michelle Samson (Adviser: Kevin Metz)

Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleic Acid Aptamers Targeted at Aspergillus Fungus Cell Surface Carbohydrates
Megan Sheridan (Adviser: Christopher Rohlman)

Detecting Trace Amounts of Caffeine and Acetaminophen in Natural Water Sources
Grace Talaski (Adviser: Craig Bieler)

Examining Social Media Policies for NCAA Division I Athletics
Jessica Scott (Adviser: Andy Boyan)



To Tweet Or Not To Tweet: Student Athletes Perspective on Social Media Acceptability
Kristine Baker (Adviser: Andy Boyan)



Preventing Sexual Assault on Albion College's Campus
Bailey Beem (Adviser: Judith Lockyear)

Reading, Writing, and Speaking About Wilde: Crafting the Voices of Oscar Wilde, His Lover, and His Wife
Phillip Carlisle (Adviser: Sally Jordan)

Exploring Nineteenth-Century Motherhood Through the Poems of Sarah Piatt
Tess Haadsma (Adviser: Jess Roberts)

Graphic Novel
Hannah Litvan (Advisers: Glenn Deutsch and Michael Dixon)

The Picture Book: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Text and Image
Cassandra Ward (Adviser: Jess Roberts)

Gender Studies

Anna Howard Shaw: Voice of the Suffrage Movement
Lindsey Marvin (Adviser: Trisha Franzen)



Residence Time of Phosphates in Pore Waters of the Kalamazoo River Watershed
Kayleigh Harvey (Adviser: Tim Lincoln)

Analysis of NO3 Concentrations and Nitrate Reducing Bacterial Populations in the Pore Water of Groundwater Seeps Within the Kalamazoo River
Brent Heerspink (Advisers: Tim Lincoln and Ola Olapade)

Invertebrate Paleontology of the Mississippian Michigan Formation, Bellevue, Michigan
Ruolin Wang (Adviser: William Bartels)


The Ancient School of Law in Mao Zedong's Thought
Patrick Buck (Adviser: Tim O'Neill)

'An Ecstasy of Fumbling': Chemical Weapons and the Changing Nature of Warfare in World War One, 1915-1918
Shelby Fox-Purrier (Adviser: Christopher Hagerman)

Math and Computer Science

Effects of Addition on Prime Factorization with Application to the Collatz Conjecture
Timothy Szocinski (Adviser: Dave Reimann)

Computer Simulation and Mathematical Analysis of Games Using Nonstandard Card Decks
Shuqi Zhou (Adviser: Mark Bollman)


An Exploration of Compositions Through Various Musical Genres
Nicholas Calderon (Adviser: Dan Palmer)

"Designing Music: Arranging for Jazz Ensembles of Various Sizes"
Sarah McDaniel (Adviser: James Ball)


Interpreting Aristotle's De Interpretatione Chaper IX
Alex Kuligowski (Adviser: Jeremy Kirby)


Geological Exploration of Craters on the Far Side of the Moon
Marina Baker (Adviser: Nicolle Zellner)

Research and Implementation of Pedagogical Improvements in and Introductory Physics Laboratory
Donna Lloyd (Adviser: Charles Moreau)


The Relationship Between Sleep and Perceptions of the External World
Rachel Derocher (Adviser: Tammy Jechura)

Boys Don't Cry: Adult Perceptions of Children Who Defy Gender Roles
Jessica Glazier (Adviser: Eric Hill)

The Effects of MK-801 on Learning and Memory in Earthworms
Ashley Glenn (Adviser: W. Jeffrey Wilson)

Understanding the Roles of Retrieval and Reflection in the Testing Effect
Shanti Madhavan (Adviser: Andrea Francis and Mareike Wieth)

The Effects of Herbal Anti-Anxiety Drugs on Escape and Avoidance in the Earthworm
Emily Morlock (Adviser: W. Jeffrey Wilson)


Preservation of Selfhood: A Study of Chinese Nationalism and National Identity
Yuanyuan Liu (Adviser: Lynn Verduzco-Baker)

Greek Life and Diversity at Albion College
Josh Van Laan (Adviser: Lynn Verduzco-Baker)

Women and Gender Studies

The Patriarchy of Welfare Reform: Legislating the Nuclear Family Model
Johanna Schulte (Adviser: Tricia Franzen)

Summer Research Projects, Summer 2015

Anthropology and Sociology 

A Theoretical Synthesis of Poverty and Dehumanization
Yuanyuan Liu (Adviser: Scott Melzer)

Art and Art History

The Underdog-A Graphic Novel
Shenoa Butcher (Adviser: Ashley Feagin)

Materializing Virtual Weaponry
Austin Christie (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)

Beyond Dates: A Photographic Presentation of Albion’s History
Audrey DeGroot (Adviser: Ashley Feagin)

An Exploration of Sculptural Form Based on Personal Vulnerability
Taylor Shell (Adviser: Lynne Chytilo)


Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleic Acid Aptamers Targeted at Aspergillus Galactomannan Surface Carbohydrate
Jessica Bush (Adviser: Christopher Rohlman)

Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleic Acid Aptamers Targeted at Aspergillus Fungus Cell Surface Carbohydrates
Megan Sheridan (Adviser: Christopher Rohlman)


Testing the Novel Weapons Hypothesis: Does Spotted Knapweek (Centaurea macula Lam.) have an Allopathic Impact?
Elise Anderson (Adviser: Sheila Lyons-Sobaski)

Role of Micro RNA in Cytokine Production
Zachary Barry (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)

Neural Alpha Synuclein-Proteasome Interaction in a Drosophila Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Erik Brink (Adviser: Ken Saville)

Effect of Parental Provisioning on Post-Fledgling Behaviour of House Wrens (Troglodytes aedon)
William Davis (Adviser: E. Dale Kennedy)

Micro RNA, miR-9 and mir181c, Regulation of Monocyte Migration and Cytokine Production in Inflammation
Joshua Gaudette (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)

Effect of Noise on Nestling Responses to Food Calls in House Wrens (Troglodytes aedon)
Carleigh McMahon (Adviser: E. Dale Kennedy)

Vanadium Complexes Inhibit the Growth of HT-29 and MCF-7 Cell Lines Through Possible Apoptotic Pathways
Brandon Moretti (Adviser: Brad Rabquer)

An Exploration of GMOs as a Means of Learning about Science Writing
Emma Stapley (Adviser: Dan Skean)

Effect of iButton Color on Parental Provisioning and Post-Fledgling Behaviour of House Wrens (Troglodytes aedon)
Stephanie Thurner (Adviser: E. Dale Kennedy)

Testing the Novel Weapons Hypothesis: Does Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea maculosa Lam.) have an Allelopathic Impact?
Angela Walczyk (Adviser: Sheila Lyons-Sobaski)


Optimization of Boronic Acid Homocouplings
Pietro Geisler (Adviser: Cliff Harris)

Assessment and Design of Mobile Apps for Aiding Understanding of Molecular Structure
Courtney Kondor (Adviser: Craig Bieler)

Quantitive Water Testing Using API Kits
Alyssa Obert (Adviser: Vanessa McCaffrey)


A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Relationship Development Using Tinder
Laura Yurgalite (Adviser: Karen Erlandson)

Economics and Management

Albion Accelerator-"Albion MakerSpace"
Alex Kulogowski (Adviser: Vicki Baker)


Animal Geography: Contributing to the Map of Early Modern London (MoEML)
Kathleen Casebeer (Adviser: Ian MacInnes)

Mapping Early Modern London: Examining the Impact of Animals upon the Development of London Society
Dana Demchak (Adviser: Ian MacInnes)

Finding the Missing Puzzle Piece: My Life With an Autistic Brother
Melanie Fodera (Adviser: Glen Deutsch)

Ford Institute

Recreation Master Plan for the City of Albion
Alena Farooq (Adviser: Patrick McLean)

The Social and Economic Impact of Recreational Trails on Michigan Communities
Danielle Nelson (Adviser: Patrick McLean)


Systematics and Evolution of Eocene Dermatemydid Turtles
Emily Ebaugh (Adviser: William Bartels)

A Description and Systematic Analysis of Eocene Basin-Center Crocodylids From the Green River Basin, Wyoming
Daniel Traub (Adviser: William Bartels)

Math and Computer Science

Mathematical Abstraction of Contrapuntal Elements in N-tone Pitch Systems
Jonathan Takeshita (Adviser: Mark Bollman)


Determining the Optimal Metalloid Concentration for Hydrolytic Enzyme Activities of Microbial Communities
Lauren Rasmussen (Adviser: Ola Olapade)


An Intensive Exploration of the Art of Jazz Improvisation
Sarah McDaniel (Adviser: Dan Palmer)


Evaluation of Entrance Materials
Kevin Claucherty (Adviser: Charles Moreau)


Effect of MK-801 on Learning Capabilities of Lumbricus terrestris
Brandon Johnson (Adviser: W. J. Wilson

Family Cohesiveness and Attitudes Toward People Who Seek Psychological Counseling
Jessica McKindles (Adviser: Eric Hill)


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