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Screencasting Resources coming to Albion College

We’re pleased to announce a couple of new resources for screencasting that will be available to Albion College faculty for the Fall 2014 semester. If you are unfamiliar with screencasting, it is a wonderful technology that enables a person to capture audio and video on a computer screen, and deliver that to an audience via the World Wide Web after the recording has been finished. There are a multitude of uses for screencasting in education, especially flipped classrooms, micro-lectures, question & answer sessions, and homework assignment walkthroughs.

Changing your Moodle Text Editor

When Albion College upgraded to Moodle 2.7, a new text editor called Atto was included and set to the default text editor. Atto’s primary focus is on accessibility, so it has a reduced feature set. Many instructors have sent e-mail messages in asking how to change the type of font and the font color. These features are either not present in Atto, or severely restricted. The good news is that you can change your text editor back to TinyMCE, which was the previous text editor. It is a very simple process, which you can see in the video below.

Albion College Updates Course Webs to Moodle 2.7

Albion College’s Moodle Course Web site has been upgraded from Moodle 2.5 to Moodle 2.7 (read about it here). There have been a number of interface improvements to Moodle 2.7, along with a few added features.

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