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Let's be honest. You can be bold and brainy, with the résumé of a rockstar. But if you don't have a plan for what comes after college, what's the point?

That's why we have developed the Albion Advantage. Through the Albion Advantage, you will blend your liberal arts education with career exploration, giving you marketable professionals skills. Check out the Albion Advantage Pledge, our commitment to your future success.

Thinking about graduate school? Recent Albion graduates have earned advanced degrees at places like the London School of Economics, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford. Ready for big business? Corporations like Johnson & Johnson and Google know our graduates well. Want to change the world? Follow Albion's leaders to organizations like Teach for America and the Peace Corps.

What will you do after Albion? Anything you put your mind to.

Our Career and Internship Center will help make your plans a reality.

pdf Download our brochure that highlights the career paths of recent alumni and includes a detailed look at the class of 2001.

Pre-Professional Programs



Even before they go to college, some students are already looking ahead to where they want to be after earning their undergraduate degree. Law school. Medical school. An advanced degree in engineering. A career in teaching. Albion helps them reach their goals through special concentrations, as well as certification and dual-degree programs.

Check out our programs in:

Religious Life

For many of us, religion provides a strong foundation for all that we hope to achieve. While the United Methodist Church is Albion’s founding denomination, the College supports all religions with a wide variety of spiritual opportunities.

The Office of the Chaplain is at the center of Albion’s religious community. The door is always open to those searching for fellowship, inspiration, or maybe just a cup of tea.

Most local houses of worship welcome Albion students of their denominations, and Wesley Chapel hosts a non-denominational, student-led Christian service on Wednesday nights. Our campus celebrates the major Christian, Jewish, and Asian holidays as well as Kwanzaa.

Greek Life



The friendships you make in college will last a lifetime. That's just one of the reasons Albion students join fraternities and sororities.

For more than 130 years, Albion’s Greek community has offered opportunities for leadership and philanthropy, backed by rigorous standards of academic achievement. And of course, there’s plenty of fun. Annual events like Anchor Splash and Greek Week are always campus favorites.

The Web site Parents & Colleges ranks Albion among the Top 10 Most Engaging Greek Life Schools in the country.

Albion College is home to six Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternities, five Panhellenic Council sororities, and one National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. sorority. Interested in joining? Find out how.

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