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How to Prepare Your Computer for Albion College

Linux and Macintosh Users: No prep work needed. However Mac users must have version 10.6.8 or higher.

Windows Users: Must have a valid copy of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 as well as all critical updates. If you do have an older windows operating system on your computer you will not be able to access the Campus Network.

  1. From a non-campus internet connection, run Windows Updates.
  2. If this is the first time you are updating Windows via the web you may be prompted to install some tools on your computer. Install those tools as directed.
  3. Choose Express or Custom Install to scan your system for the necessary updates. We recommend Express unless you are familiar with applying updates. Express will quickly scan for, download, and install only the critical and security updates your computer needs. Custom will scan for optional, critical, and security updates your computer needs, choose from all the updates on the site, and review updates before downloading. In some situations, you may need to run windows updates more than once - it is best to check until it reports no critical updates are available.

Wireless Access Points and Game Boxes are permitted: all devices that connect to the internet must be registered with Information Technology.  See for more information.

Wireless Routers are NOT permitted.  Due to the ability of these devices to broadcast bogus IP addresses and the insecure nature of wireless routers (including Mac AirPorts and AirPort Express), they are not be permitted on campus.

Computer Virus Information

As many of you may be aware, there is a rash of new computer viruses and worms, spreading through the campus network, internet and via e-mail messages.

For your part, we encourage you to take care of your home computer, especially those users who connect to the campus network from home. Make sure you have a virus scanning software program on your computer and that you update your virus definitions frequently.

SPECIAL NOTE for AOL Instant Messenger Users: Be very cautious when following links that appear to be from the friend with whom you are communicating. AIM viruses have plagued many student computers this year.

When viruses are running rampant, warnings about hoax viruses also take off. Please be advised to use a virus removal tool rather than manually deleting alleged virus file(s). A good source for reliable virus information is

If you have any questions you can contact the Help Desk at or 517/629-0479.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation. The computer's life you save may be your own!





Limit Your Risk-Computer Virus

Computer to limit your risk

We have been exceptionally fortunate on campus in this area and we would like to keep it that way. General guidelines that can reduce your risk are:

1. Be leery of any attachment, especially those ending with a '.vbs' extension.

2. Store your important files using the network file space. These network systems are backed up each day and thus can be restored in the case of a problem.

3. Keep your virus software on home computers up to date.

If you detect a virus on your computer, or any campus computer, e-mail the Albion College HelpDesk immediately at or call 629-0479.

Happy Computing!

Online and On-Campus Resources

We offer resources to help you improve your technology skills:

Watch this space for training opportunities.



Personal Assistance

It's what we do! Instructional Technology assists students, faculty and staff with academic projects and software training. We can meet one on one with you to help you get that project going, or to show you how to use supported software, enhanced classrooms and other hardware. We will also conduct special training workshops on request for groups/classes. Just fill out the

Personal Training Session Form

or contact us for an appointment.


Online Resources

As promised, here is a link to some Office 2010 training resources provided by Microsoft:

Also don't forget to check outAtomic Learning - online training tutorials. Contact Instructional Technology at if you do not remember how to log in.

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