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Protecting of Minors on Campus

Albion College is dedicated to the welfare and safety of all Minors who visit the Albion College campus to participate in Albion College related programs. We are particularly interested in ensuring that staff, whether they be employees or volunteers, for youth oriented programs and activities are sufficiently screened and trained for the role of working with youth.

Employees and volunteers participating in such programs and activities:

  • Shall not spend time alone, either on or off campus, with a Minor away from others. If one-on-one interaction is required, meet in open, well lit rooms or spaces with windows observable by other adults from the Program. It is expected that activities where minors are present will involve two or more authorized adults.
  • Shall not engage in inappropriate conduct of any kind toward, or in the presence of, a Minor.
  • Shall not strike, hit, administer corporal punishment to, or touch in an inappropriate or illegal manner any Minor.
  • Shall not engage in the use or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during such programs or activities.
  • Shall not be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or legal drugs which may endanger Minors participating in the program or activity.
  • Shall not view pornography in front of Minors or make pornography in any form available to Minors participating in programs and activities covered by this policy or assist them in any way in gaining access to pornography.
  • Shall not develop inappropriate relationships with individual program participants under the age of 18.
  • Shall be alert to the physical and emotional state of all children each time they report for an educational program. Any signs of injury relating to suspected child abuse should be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Shall report as soon as possible, any suspected incident of sexual violence (see policy).
  • Shall not tell children "this is just between the two of us" or use similar language that encourages Minors to keep secrets from their parent/guardians

Mandatory Training on the Prevention and Recognition of Child Abuse
Albion College requires training on the prevention and recognition of child abuse. Please send an email to to request access to this resource.

Criminal Background Checks
Criminal background checks and Sex offender registry checks are required of each employee or volunteer, to be completed and affirmative confirmation is cleared to work prior to his or her interaction or participation in youth oriented programs and activities.

  • Regular employees of the College and non-student volunteers must be cleared through a comprehensive background check process administered by the Human Resource Office.  There are select circumstances where this standard background check may also be administered for student employees and volunteers.
  • Student employees and student volunteers must be cleared through an I-CHAT background check and a sex offender registry check in the individual's home state and the state of Michigan. Complete and return pdfICHAT_Form.pdf to the Human Resources office in person, by email (scanned) or by fax to 517-629-0661.

Employment paperwork
Seasonal employees, including students who are not registered for student employment, working for summer camps will also need to complete appropriate employment forms:

Submit a Work Order

Welcome to the Albion College Work Order System.

If your issue requires immediate attention, please call Facilities at ext. 0230, Help Desk at ext. 0479, or Campus Safety at ext. 1234.

  1. Please complete the form below to request help from the Information Technology department or Facility Operations. Based on the category of the request, the appropriate individuals will be notified of your request and will follow up accordingly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk staff.

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Conference Services

picture for conferences

Albion College is the perfect venue for your next special event.

At Albion College, we have more to offer you than just a space for hosting an event. We have a multitude of venues located on a beautiful historic campus where everything you need is easily accessible. Our buildings have character, our campus is intimate, and our staff is exceptional at what we do. From football camps to band camps, business meetings to weddings, equestrian outings to youth group getaways, and from 25 people to 1200 guests, we will provide you with everything you need to make your function a success.

Plan your next event at Albion and enjoy the following:

  • Quality. A staff that cares about the success of your function, just as much as you do.
  • Convenience. We're centrally located between Detroit, Kalamazoo and Lansing. On campus, you can easily walk to different amenities within a matter of minutes.
  • Satisfaction. Bon Appetit, our on-campus restaurant company, cooks healthy and sustainable meals made from scratch.
  • Variety. Choose from a wide range of venues in order to match your surroundings to the style of your event.
  • Support. Our technology staff is here to help! Our spaces offer audiovisual equipment and free Wi-Fi.
  • Safety. Public safety officers are on duty 24 hours a day patrolling our campus.
  • Beauty. As you walk around our campus, canoe down the river that runs through our small town, or take a group outing through our nature center, you can't help but feel inspired by your surroundings.

Please call 517/629-0629 or contact us online to inquire about a having your next event at Albion College.

Wireless Interference

The Albion College wireless network transmits on the standard 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz radio frequencies. These radio waves are subject to interference from active and passive sources. Knowing about the sources of such radio interference can help you position your wireless devices to limit or avoid interference.

Active Sources of Wireless Interference:

An active source of wireless interference is usually a device that emits a radio signal on the same 2.4 ghz frequency as the wireless network.  Below is a list of common devices that can emit 2.4 ghz radio signals and can thus be potential sourches of wireless interference:

  • Cordless Phones (2.4 ghz) - Cordless phones that use the 2.4 ghz frequency can cause severe wireless signal interference
  • Bluetooth devices - Bluetooth devices transmit over a short range 2.4 ghz signal. Many cell phones, game controllers, cordless mice and other devices use Bluetooth.
  • Other wireless networks - Multiple wireless networks setup within close range can cause mutual interference.
  • Other wireless devices - Many other devices, such as wireless keyboards and mice, use the 2.4 ghz frequency
  • Microwave ovens - Improperly shielded microwave ovens can emit 2.4 ghz frequency radio waves
  • Video Players - Devices such as AppleTV, Chromecast, or Roku players frequently transmit on the same frequencies as wireless.

If you find that you have a poor or inconsistent wireless signal in your room, see if you have any of these devices nearby. In most cases, simply moving your wireless device farther away from the source of interference is enough to solve the problem.

Sometimes, however, it is necessary to remove the interfering device from the environment. This step can be problematic if the device is immovable or doesn't belong to you. Under such circumstances, testing your wireless device in various locations may be your only option.

Tips to improve wireless access:

  • Place a work request, or contact the Helpdesk. IT can resolve many connection issues, if we know you are having trouble.
  • Replace, or relocate, your microwave - The biggest cause of interference in residential wireless networks are old or poorly shielded microwave ovens. A microwave that causes such interference is likely faulty and needs to be replaced.
  • Moving your device closer to the hallway will improve signal strength. The access points in the hallways are generally easy to see – place your device so that there are the fewest possible number of obstructions between the device and the access point.
  • Turn around – the Human Body is a great absorber of radio frequencies. Make sure you do not place yourself between the device and the access point.
  • Turn off interfering wireless devices – Bluetooth devices, gamebox controllers, smart TV’s, and other wireless electronics cause interference on the wifi. Powering these down when not in use will reduce interference.
  • Update your drivers – make sure your laptop has the most current drivers for the wireless connection. Visit the Helpdesk if you need assistance.
  • Switch to 5 ghz – the 5 ghz channel is less susceptible to interference. Most newer laptops are able to choose between 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz. Visit the Helpdesk if you need assistance.

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