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Albion College understands student employees are students first and employees second. Students are expected to meet their commitments to the employment arrangement, arriving on time, completing work during scheduled hours and otherwise acting with dignity and respect for supervisors, staff, other students and other members of the College Community.

Albion College does not tolerate discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. Complaints should be referred immediately to the attention of the employee’s supervisor, manager, department chairperson or directly to the Office of Human Resources, 629-0205.

Students are limited to 20 hour per work week for all campus jobs. The work week runs from Monday through Sunday regardless of when a pay period begins or ends.

In order to work in an on-campus job or an off-campus federal work study job, students must be deemed eligible to work on campus by Student Employment. If you have held any other campus job you are all set. If you have never worked on campus before, you should complete the student employment registration process now.

Student Job Seekers

Student Employment Position Listings are posted on the Briton Network, where you will have access to Albion College student employment job opportunities, current career, internship, and volunteer opportunities in and around the city of Albion. For assistance using the Briton Network, please contact the Career and Internship Center located onthe first floor of Ferguson Hall, 517-629-0332 or . The Briton Network can be found at


Campus Supervisors interested in posting positions on this site should complete a Student Job Posting Request form.

Benefits at a Glance - Facilities

The benefit information provided below is a summary of the benefit information provided in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the College and Union Representation for Facilities Operations Employees. Union employees should consult the CBA for specific details.

Health Insurance:

You may choose between  the 0002 - Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Community Blue PPO plan or the 0003 BCBS Community Blue PPO plan.  The College pays the single subscriber premium for the 0002 plan.  The 0002 plan has a $500/single, $1000/family, annual deductible with a 80%-20% co-insurance split of the approved amount for in-network providers.  The 0003 plan has a $1500/single, $3000/family annual deductible with an 80%-20% co-insurance split of the approved amount for in-network providers.  The College will contribute up to 50% of the dependent premium and you pay the remainder to insure any dependents. Our plan is a grandfathered plan under the Affordable Care Act.


The above medical plan includes prescription drug coverage. The 0002 plan has $10/$20/$40 co-pays per generic/formulary brand name/non-formulary brand name prescription. The 0003 plan has $10/$40 co-pays per generic/brand name prescription. A mail order program is also available

Dental Insurance:

The dental plan is with BCBS has a $100 deductible and 90%-10% co-insurance on basic services and 50%-50% on other services. $1000 maximum benefit per year for each participant.

Vision Insurance:

This is a voluntary, 100% employee paid vision care program. Covers one complete eye exam in any 12 consecutive month period with a $10 copay (VSP network doctor). Prescription glasses (lenses and/or frames) a combined $25 copay. Covers lenses once every 12 months and frames once every 24 months. Medically necessary contact lenses $25 copay.


The Short Term Disability (STD) plan is offered through Principal Financial Group, a third-party provider Effective July 1, 2009 you may be paid $300.00/week less taxes. STD is payable for up to 26 weeks after a 14 day wait period

Long Term Disability (LTD) picks up after STD ends, if you are still disabled. With terms and conditions met, LTD pays 60% of your salary. One year waiting period to participate.

Life Insurance/AD&D:

Group Life insurance in the amount of $50,000.  Accidential Death and Dismemberment insurance in the amount of $50,000.  Principal Financial Group is the current plan carrier.


The College offers a 403(b) Retirement Annunity (RA) plan administered by Teacher’s Insurance and Annuity Association/College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA/CREF). There is a two year wait for participation eligibility. When enrolled in the plan, you will contribute 1% of your taxable gross earning (mandatory) with the College contributing 6%. The College also offers a Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) plan also administered by TIAA/CREF.

Flexible Benefits (Section 125 Reimbursement Program):

You may elect salary reduction (pre-tax) for non-insured medical expenses and/or dependent care expense.

Tuition Remission and Exchange:

This superb benefit is available, under certain guidelines, for employees and qualified dependents. See details in the CBA.

Employee Assistance Program:

The College contracts with Behavioral Health Resources (BHR) for confidential assistance with everyday issues: marital, family, grief counseling, physical health, emotional health, elder care, substance abuse, financial counseling, job stress.

Supplemental Income Insurance - Aflac:
There are two products offered – an Accident/Injury plan and a Critical Illness plan. The AFLAC products do not replace any existing benefit. It is an additional voluntary benefit offered at a group rate which is paid 100% by the employee.

Holiday, Medical and Vacation Pay:

The College recognizes most major holidays and provides paid vacation to all individuals covered by the CBA. Vacation must be used in the fiscal year awarded or it is lost. Associate members may earn 1 day of medical pay per month. Medical pay may be accumulated up to a maximum of 65 days. Please see the CBA for details for allocation and usage.

For more information, please call Human Resources at 517-629-0205

Payroll Dates

Fall Pay Periods

Pay Period Students Verification
to Supervisor
Supervisors Approved
Time Sheets to Payroll
Pay Date
Jan 2 – Jan 15Jan 17Jan 18Jan 26, 2017
Jan 16 – Jan 29Jan 31Feb 1Feb 9, 2017
Jan 30 – Feb 12Feb 14Feb 15Feb 23, 2017
Feb 13 – Feb 26Feb 28Mar 1Mar 9, 2017
Feb 27 – Mar 12Mar 14Mar 15Mar 23, 2017
Mar 13 – Mar 26Mar 28Mar 29Apr 6, 2017
Mar 27 – Apr 9Apr 11Apr 12Apr 20, 2017
Apr 10 – Apr 23Apr 25Apr 26May 4, 2017
Apr 24 – May 7May 9May 10May 18, 2017
May 8 – May 21May 23May 24June 1, 2017
May 22 – June 4June 6June 7June 15, 2017
June 5 – June 18June 20June 21June 29, 2017
June 19 – July 2July 4July 5July 13, 2017
July 3 – July 16July 18July 19July 27, 2017
July 17 – July 30Aug 1Aug 2Aug 10, 2017
July 31 – Aug 13Aug 15Aug 16Aug 24, 2017
Aug 14 – Aug 27Aug 29Aug 30Sept 7 , 2017
Aug 28 – Sept 10Sept 12Sept 13Sept 21, 2017
Sept 11 – Sept 24Sept 26Sept 27Oct 5, 2017
Sept 25 – Oct 8Oct 10Oct 11Oct 19, 2017
Oct 9 – Oct 22Oct 24Oct 25Nov 2, 2017
Oct 23 – Nov 5Nov 7Nov 8Nov 16, 2017
Nov 6 – Nov 19Nov 21Nov 22Nov 30, 2017
Nov 20 – Dec 3Dec 5Dec 6Dec 14, 2017**
Dec 4 – Dec 17Dec 19Dec 20Dec 28, 2017**
Dec 18 – Dec 31Jan 1Jan 2Jan 11, 2018

Students: It is your responsibility to "submit your time for approval" by the specified date each pay period. Not verifying your time entry will delay the processing of your pay check until the next scheduled pay date.

Supervisors: You must approve all time sheets by the stated date to ensure that your student employees are paid on the scheduled pay date.

Check Delivery: During the Academic year, student pay checks are delivered to the Kellogg Post Office and must be signed for. A form of ID is required to pick up your check.

Direct Deposit: Students are expected to participate in the direct deposit option for receiving their pay. A significant benefit of this program is the flexibility of not having to be on campus on pay day, particularly helpful for pay days that fall at the end of semesters and/or during breaks.

**For the dates indicated above. Your pay check will be mailed to your permanent Mailing Address on record with the College. If a student wants his or her pay check mailed to an address other than the mailing address on record the student must submit a self-addressed envelope and present his or her student ID at the time of delivery of the self-addressed envelope to Human Resources, located within Campus Safety.

If you have any questions, please call Angie Konkle in the Student Payroll/Human Resources Office (x-0203).

Online Time Clock

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Please contact Human Resources if you are unsure how to use the online time clock

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