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Stewardship - Lighting Projects

greenlightingAlbion College Facilities Operations - Department of Technical Services, at the behest of the Board of Trustee's, is aggressively pursuing lighting upgrades throughout campus.  The goals of this program are to enhance the functionality of our spaces while minimizing our carbon footprint and decreasing our energy costs.

Lighting efficiency is a major consideration in any construction or remodel project.  Additionally, we are choosing high use, high traffic locations to specifically address lighting.

Consumers Energy, in conjunction with the Michigan Public Service Commision, has implemented a statewide program of incentives to encourage energy savings.  We are actively participating in these programs to help fund the various lighting projects.  Incentives can defray up to one third of the cost of such projects.


Some examples:

  • Dow Center
  • Facilities Offices
  • Olin Hall
  • Science Complex
  • Whitehouse Hall
  • Seaton Hall
  • Robinson Hall

October 2008

Gloria Putnam has worked for Dining and Hospitality Services for the past 15 years. She is always on time and knows exactly what she needs to accomplish when she comes to work every day. Gloria is in charge of keeping Lower Baldwin neat and clean during the lunch shift. She does her job with a very sunny disposition and will always greet you with a smile. Gloria is an extremely dedicated employee who truly deserves to be the "Employee of the Month" for October 2008. Congratulations Gloria!

Janice White, the Facilities Operations department secretary has been nominated as the Employee of the Month. Janice has been with the college since 1983, first working in the mailroom. In 2000, she moved to Facilities Operations. Janice serves multiple roles in a very high stress job, all with a smile and good humor. She is the receptionist in a very busy office dealing with staff, students and contractors providing services to the College. She answers all the incoming phone lines for eight managers and supervisors. She monitors two radio dispatch systems, receives and records work orders and does a variety of other clerical functions in her spare time. In recent years she has also left the office during break periods to paint and has provided leadership for groups of student painters. Thank you Janice for your willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done and make Albion College a better place to live and work. Octobe2
Congratulations Cathy Leavitt on being named October Employee of the Month. Cathy began working for Albion in February, 2007 as the Administrative Assistant, Finance & Management. Cathy is a very easy-going and well-organized assistant that you can count on without hesitation. She manages to keep the Business Office and the entire Administrative Division running smoothly by working with everyone to help the whole team succeed. She has a strong work-ethic and does whatever is needed to get the job done. Cathy prepares in advance for the Board meetings to be sure that everything runs seamlessly. She keeps the Facilities Master Planning Committee very organized as well by sending out reminders and agenda ideas. Thank you Cathy for all your hard work. Octobe3

September 2008

Congratulations to Rena Harris for being nominated the September 2008 Employee of the Month for Dining & Hospitality Services. Rena has worked for Dining Services for quite some time and she has always been an excellent employee. She is always on time, always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help. She serves as a positive role model and often offers to work when someone else cannot. Rena frequently works extra shifts to help with special dinners and banquets. Rena is a warm and friendly person and truly deserves this recognition. Septem5
Scott Falahee and Jeff Kotas of the Landscape and Grounds department as co-employees of the month. Both are assigned to the athletic fields. They have done a tremendous job in producing award winning competition fields, sometimes under the most difficult of circumstances. While much of their work is obvious on a beautiful football afternoon much more is behind the scenes. For example this last summer, in addition to the college baseball practice and game schedule, the college hosted 85 games as part of the High School Elite Baseball Program. This program brings the pick of high school baseball recruits to Albion College. They have also shown extraordinary initiative with projects such as creating a new logo for the football field or salvaging used artificial turf to use in high wear areas such as dugouts or bating cages. Thanks so much to Scott and Jeff for all you do. Septem6Septem7
Mark Holbrook has been with Albion College since 1994. He was hired as the Director of Accounting and presently holds the position of Controller. Mark’s knowledge and history of the College are assets to the institution. Mark is often seen to be helping others by answering questions, even when it puts his own work on hold. His kindness and service to Albion College and the Business Office are much appreciated. Thank you, Mark, for a job well done. Septem8

August 2008

Congratulations to Gary Moles for being selected as the Dining & Hospitality Services “Employee of the Month” for August 2008. Gary is a hard-working, dedicated member of the team in lower Baldwin. His effort and enthusiasm does not go un-noticed. Gary has a genuine quality that permeates throughout the operation. Congratulations Gary! Gary_Moles
Frank Behling has been with Albion College since 1977 and is currently the most senior member of the maintenance crew. Frank is a Maintenance/Technician IV and deals with most issues involving water; pool maintenance, water softener operation, and a variety of other plumbing issues. Frank is one of those very valuable people who work behind the scenes making life better for everyone. Thank you Frank for your dedication and service to Albion College. frank_behling
John Okerman, (everyone calls him Bob) has been with the college since 1997 as Facilities Supervisor. Bob supervises the crew which deals with daily residence hall maintenance needs. Bob also oversees the summer effort to get rooms ready for fall and coordinates the Facilities Operations support for move-in. This summer Bob had a number of important residence hall projects including a very successful and cost effective renovation of the Briton House Apartments. These apartments, constructed in 1976, were badly in need of remodeling. Under Bob’s leadership they received a new roof, windows, exterior trim and paint, plus kitchen and bathroom remodeling – all for under $17/sq. ft. Thank you Bob. john_okerman

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