December 2010


Verna Lafayette  - Dining & Hospitality Services is pleased to announce Verna Lafayette as the Employee of the Month for December 2010.  Verna has worked for Albion College since January 2005 and is best known for her reliability, hard work, and job skill.  While she is often hidden away in the back of the house, Verna keeps the gears of our operation running like a well-oiled machine.  Her motivation, drive, and initiative keep her a constant buzz around the dishroom, pot & pan room and laundry room.  Verna definitely helps us maintain a sense of efficiency and quality in the services we provide.  We couldn't ask for much better performance from an employee.  Now if we could only clone her skills...Someone help us tie her down.  Catch her if you can! 





StudentsDec2010Spencer Feraco, BJ Konkle, Devin Underhill and Casen Sharp  - Facilities Operations has received several recommendations to nominate Spencer Feraco, BJ Konkle, Devin Underhill and Casen Sharp for the Employee of the Month Teamwork Award.  These are Albion College students working during the holiday break.  Working together they refinished over 170 tablet arm chairs which had been damaged by wear and graffiti.  Thanks to their hard work these can be back in service for next semester, good as new.  Student employees are an important part of the Facilities Operations maintenance effort and these are an excellent example of what can be accomplished.  Thanks for all you do.


Melinda Kraft joined Information Technology in June, 1999, as the Residential Computing Coordinator.  By July of 2001, she had become an instructional technologist.  In 2008 became the supervisor of that area and in 2010 became the Director.  She has a strong interest in new hardware and software and encourages us to look at new and different technologies. Over the past few years she has developed a strong expertise in web programming, and has been a vital support for the implementation of the College's new web presence.  We appreciate her dedication and diligence in helping us meet this important goal.  Thanks, Melinda.