September 2010


Mike Rathbun  is no stranger to crazy situations that Stock Room Attendants sometimes must often endure.  Recently, Mike was responsible for setting up a basketball recruit tailgate event.  The day began very nice, not a cloud in the sky.  Mike set up the tailgate at the Ferguson lot as requested.  All at once, the skies got dark and the rain came in droves.  Well, obviously the tailgate would not go on at Ferguson.  Mike, being the diligent worker that he is, went back and took down the tailgate without being asked and moved everything to the Dow Center out of the weather.  Mike is receiving this award for his positive attitude toward this event and the professional patience he showed this day in dealing with this uncontrollable situation.  Coach Jody May nominated Mike for this award.    




Shahid Malik  - Technical Administrator, has been nominated as the Employee of the Month.  Shahid is the primary person behind the maintenance and programming of the Cisco Call Manager PBX, the XIBO digital signage system, the video surveillance system, and other systems on campus.  In September, Shahid worked hand in hand to assist Campus Safety in the resolution of a security issue by pulling data from multiple systems  Additionally, Shahid is a patient trainer of other staff on our systems, and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you Shahid for all that you do to ensure the communications, security, and other systems we have on campus run smoothly and meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff. 





Mitch Kyser  is the seniority leader in the Systems & Networking department, joining the college in 1984.  During his time in IT, he has been the technical lead for two email system transitions (from the Alpha to GroupWise, and from GroupWise to Google Mail) and has been instrumental in many other "behind the scenes" activities in IT.  In his current role of Network Administrator, Mitch has been the technical lead for our server virtualization project.  This project has allowed IT to consolidate servers and space, which reduces our need for power and cooling and saves the college money.  He is currently working on desktop virtualization so we can reap these same benefits at the desktop, and is assisting with our new Banner Document Imaging System (BDMS), all while continuing the daily management of our server infrastructure.  Thanks, Mitch!