March 2008

Congratulations to Judy Williams from the Eat Shop Café & Study Lounge for being named Employee of the Month for March 2008!! Judy has been with Albion College for many years & has always been a stellar employee. Judy has a wonderful smile, is very witty & always has something nice to say to everyone she meets. Judy is truly an asset to the Eat Shop Cafe and her managers and co-workers are honored to work with her. Her hard work is one of the reasons the Eat Shop Cafe is enjoying unprecedented success. Judy_Williams
Randy Richards has been nominated as the Facilities Operations Employee of the Month. Randy has been with the College since December of 1985 and is currently a Maintenance/Technician III specializing in the carpentry and locksmith areas. Randy has exceptional and versatile skills as a craftsman and is frequently called upon when those unique skills are required. Randy has steadily progressed through the department displaying the initiative to obtain the further training necessary to move to positions of increased responsibility. Randy is one of those quiet, dependable, behind-the-scenes, people who rarely get the recognition they deserve. Congratulations to Randy as Employee of the Month. richards
George Halkett was recruited to be the Director of our new Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center in 2004. Since that time, the Equestrian Center has almost doubled in size. George is meticulous and is known for his critical eye. It is joked that anything out of order shouts and waves at him as he walks by. Due to this, the Equestrian Center is known as a premiere facility. It is because of his hard work, long hours and devotion to the equestrian life that the Held Center is a source of pride for the College. George has been instrumental in the rise of Equestrian student recruitment which benefits both the Center and the College. George’s mind never stops thinking of ways to improve processes and he is always developing new initiatives to benefit the Center, College and community relations. George’s reputation, extensive knowledge and wonderful way with people make him a valuable asset to the College. Thank you for everything you do! George