November 2007

Congratulations Beverly Easton, for being awarded the Dining & Hospitality Services Employee of the Month for November 2007. Bev worked for Albion College as a full-time employee from 1979-1981, and came back part-time in 1990. Since then, Bev has shown outstanding customer service skills and is a delight to work with. Her positive attitude, friendliness and work ethic are contagious to those around her. Bev always works with a smile and is an important part of creating a positive dining experience for students, staff and guests. Bev-Easton
Ronald Shafer has been with Albion College since 1995. Ron is a Maintenance/Technician IV and works primarily with refrigeration, air-conditioning, and building control systems. Ron has been nominated by his fellow employees as one who can "take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. He always keeps going no matter what the issue is. No matter how much work is piled up on him, he continues to wear a smile and keep plugging along. Ron is always taking the time to stop and say hi to all! Brings smiles to many people during their day. Ron-Schafer
Judy Greer began her history with Albion College in 1979 as a temporary payroll clerk. That same year she became a full-time payroll clerk and advanced to payroll supervisor in 1981. Over the years she has proven herself to be a loyal, dedicated and trustworthy employee. She has a great commitment to the Albion College community, and those that work with her love her kind and caring nature. Judy demonstrates her commitment to Albion College through the long hours she works on a weekly basis to ensure we all are not only paid on time, but paid correctly! Pay raises and bonuses are making the end of the calendar year exceptionally busy for Judy. She handles this extra work load with her usual quiet grace and dedication. Judy is an unsung hero who is now getting some of the praise she deserves. She works whatever hours it takes to complete her duties. No one has to ask if she has or will meet her deadlines. It is a given. Judy seldom complains and if her workload is heavy, we immediately know, as her door goes shut for the day. We all reap the benefits of her hard work though many on campus have never seen her face. We all are very thankful for Judy and all that she does to keep those paychecks coming! Thanks Judy! JudyGreer1