Randi Heathman, '03

Randi Heathman, '03

Direct: 517/629-0472
Toll Free: 800/858-6770

In-State Territory: Livingston, Shiawassee, and Southwest Oakland Counties

Out of State Territory: Western Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Meet Randi...

Education: B.A., English with a concentration in Mass Communication, Albion College, 2003; currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Communication from Spring Arbor University

Hometown: Horton, MI; I'm a proud alumna of tiny Hanover-Horton High School. (And by "tiny" I mean that my graduating class was only 54 students!)

Favorite Albion Moment: It's not fair to make me pick just one! I'd have to say that I loved every moment that I spent with the close friends that I made here. We all different majors, interests, and backgrounds, but we were inseparable (so inseparable, in fact, that we were once referred to by former President Mitchell as "The Saginaw Five." It's a long story). Now that we're all alumni, we continue to be that close (except now we have to travel a bit further to do it!)

If it's a Saturday afternoon, you'll most likely find me: At the Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center with my Dutch Warmblood gelding, Ricochet. Not only do I serve as the advisor to the Albion College Equestrian Club, but I'm a competitive dressage rider (the ultimate sport for perfectionists like me!). Rico and I spend many Saturdays working on our schooling figures and hacking on the 340 acre equestrian center property.

The Television Show I Always Tivo is: Scrubs and 24. Co-worker Nic Clements and I love to rehash the shows when we come into work in the morning after a new episode airs - if you ask either of us about them, be prepared for a long discussion!

My Sport of Choice to Play is: Dressage. Like I said, I spend most of my Saturdays in training (or at horse shows) with Ricochet. I'm still in search of the perfect, uphill flying lead change!

My Sport of Choice to Watch is: This is definitely a toss-up between any equestrian sport and the NFL. I'm a long-time Denver Broncos fan, ever since the uniforms were orange and John Elway was at quarterback.

Best Vacation Spot: I've been to Europe twice and would go back every year if I could. Stresa, Italy (on the shores of Lake Maggiore) is amazing and beautiful, and a place that I'd like to spend more time exploring. I also love the energy in London!

Best College Search Tip: Don't "settle" for a school that is anything less than your perfect fit! Somewhere out there is a school with the right academic programs, extracurricular activities, campus facilities, and faculty and staff for you and it's just a matter of really exploring each of your choices to find out which school that is. Brochures and websites are helpful, but visit campus (more than once if you can), observe classes, talk with faculty members and current students, eat in the dining hall, find out what alumni are doing and if they're happy and then put all of those pieces together to see where you'll have the best college experience. Teachers, family, and friends can certainly offer you their suggestions and opinions, but you're the one attending so make sure you're going to be happy!