Lewis Cardenas, '02

Lewis Cardenas, '02

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Toll Free: 800/858-6770

In-State Territory: None.

Out of State Territory: International students and Americans living abroad

Meet Lewis...

Education: B.A., international studies, Albion College 2002; M.S, international public service, DePaul University, 2007.

Hometown: Jackson, MI; Jackson County Western High School

Favorite Albion Moment: I think my whole first year in Wesley Hall is by far the most memorable. Other top contenders are convincing Dr. Yewah to take a group of Albion students on a first-year seminar trip to his home country of Cameroon and receiving one of the 2002 Michigan Campus Compact Awards for community service, as well as the Lux Fiat Award my senior year. I also had the opportunity to be one of the first residents of the Mae Harrison Karro Apartments and enjoyed countless mini-Albion reunions throughout Chicago in the last couple of years.

Hobbies: I have a passion for learning about different cultures, languages and people. I enjoy globe trotting, snowboarding, Capoeira, salsa dancing, cooking, shopping, watching movies, video games, tennis, and volleyball.

Favorite Season: Winter because of snowboarding. Plus, nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate by a warm fire after being out in sub-zero temperatures!

Favorite TV Shows: The Soup on E!, Cold Case, Top Chef, My Life on the D-List, Project Runway... (pretty much anything on Bravo TV)

Best Vacation Spot: Anywhere my frequent flyer miles take me to!

What Makes Albion Special to You: Albion College is special to me because of the support I received during and after my collegiate experience here. The staff on campus are truly invested in their students. They encouraged me to get involved on campus, pursue graduate level work, made time to talk to me whenever possible, and even helped me land my first job out of college. Most importantly, they helped shape who I am today. If you ask anyone who attended a different college/university who have partaken in an Albion College gathering of any sort, I guarantee that they will tell you that Albion grads, no matter what class years are represented, always have a great time! The friendships you develop with staff and classmates here truly do last a lifetime.

Best College Search Tip: College can be affordable! Start researching scholarships as soon as you begin your college search. Use the resources around you for assistance. For example, talk with your local community organizations, guidance counselor, the financial aid office(s) at your prospective college/university, and college/university alumni. You can also use the Web to obtain information about financing your college degree. Be a smart consumer and don't rule out any schools until you get an opportunity to meet with your admission counselor. You'd be surprised what schools will do if they are interested in you - remember, you are just as much of an asset to the school as the school is to you!