Meet Barb Messacar



Administrative Secretary


Education: 3 years of college

Hometown: Albion

Downtime: biking, hiking, crafting, reading, traveling, and plenty of outdoor activities.

You'll often find me thinking: ...about friends, family, planning trips and fun things to do, and reminiscing about past fun times.

What makes Albion a good investment? It's an exceptional education. Our professors and staff help students find a feeling of accomplishment and well-being. We're always here to help you work toward your goals, even when it seems like an uphill climb. We know that can be tough, with each step forward in your life away from your parents and other family members. To sum it up, we not only provide the means to obtain an exceptional education, but we'll support you in many ways – personally and emotionally.

Financial aid tip: Search the Web, visit libraries, and read all the literature you can regarding financial aid. It will help you learn how to apply for funds or scholarships that can pay for your education.