Want to Join?

There are many reasons to join a fraternity or sorority at Albion College. If you are a first-year student at Albion College, you can not join a fraternity or sorority until the second semester of your first year. Upper-class and transfer students can join a fraternity or sorority during their first semester at Albion College.

Fraternities and sororities hold recruitment events during the fall semester and attendance at those events help everyone get to know each other before the offering of bids to join a fraternity or sorority take place. In the spring semester a more structured recruitment process takes place within the fraternities and sororities. The structure recruitment process is generally a process only first-year students go through, but upper-class and transfer students can participate in it as well.

Before any student, first-year, upper-class, or transfer, accepts an invitation to join a fraternity or sorority on Albion College's campus, they must fill out a pdf Potential New Member Grade Release Card.
If you have any questions about recruitment please feel free to contact individual chapters or email for more information.
Additional information and reasons why you should join a fraternity or sorority are listed below:

The first and foremost priority of Albion College is academic excellence, and helping members achieve this is a primary objective of the Greek community. Each fraternity and sorority places strong emphasis on academic performance. Upon joining a chapter, you should not worry that your grades will drop because you do not get enough study time! Greeks help their new members develop study skills through scholarship programs and individual help. The incentives and support offered by the chapters help all members achieve and maintain high academic standards. As a result of these efforts, the Greek grade point average consistently remains above the all-campus average!

Greek membership brings lasting friendships that continue throughout your life. The chapter becomes a “home away from home” for many women. Sorority women share friendships that are a special bond unlike any other. Brothers and sisters share their joys and disappointments, learn and grow together, and appreciate the loyalty of friends, and brothers and sisters that they know will always be there.

Membership in a Greek organization is one of the best ways you can discover and refine your leadership skills. Within each chapter, members may assume a variety of leadership roles ranging from chairing committees to holding major offices. Chapters provide leadership opportunities for members who will become respected professionals and community leaders after graduation.

Philanthropy is the giving of time, service, and money, and is an important part of every Greek chapter. During the year, fraternity men and sorority women strive to strengthen their relationship with the community by increasing individual member involvement in worthwhile community and campus events. Each chapter sponsors at least one philanthropy during the academic year, which includes Aid to the Blind and Sight Conservation, Domestic Violence, Choose Children, Court Appointed Special Advocates, National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse, Children’s Hospital (in Richmond, Virginia), Project Hope, and Children’s Miracle Network. These projects are a wonderful opportunity to have a good time with your brothers and sisters as well as make a difference in the community.

One of the most exciting aspects of Greek life is the social experience it offers. Formals, theme parties, homecoming events, intramural sports, Anchor Splash, Derby Days, and of course Greek Week are examples of the social opportunities sorority women and fraternity men share. These activities are not only fun for the members; they bond sorority members together as a family and build unity within the entire Greek community. These shared experiences will make your collegiate years, and those to follow, a most rewarding experience.

Recruitment Reports
Albion College's fraternity and sorority chapters had another successful recruitment semester! Please visit the following reports to find out more about Greek membership statistics:
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