Official College Messages Following the Storm of September 11, 2013

September 16, 2013

Below are official statements issued by Albion College to the College community shortly after and in the days following the thunderstorm of September 11 that caused property damage in many parts of the City of Albion.

September 14, 2013

4:12 p.m. ET from Albion College Interim President Mike Frandsen:

First, the most important thing: no one was injured as a result of the storm on Wednesday. While there was some property damage to College and personal property, it was very little given the severity of the storm.

The National Weather Service has determined that a microburst with winds of up to 80 m.p.h. caused the destruction and disruption.

During the last few days, College staff have been working hard to restore power and other systems on campus, and to clean up the damage caused by Wednesday's storm. Our women's soccer team added to the effort for a few hours on Friday. Great progress has been made, and we will be ready for residential buildings to be open as planned on Sunday at noon. Classes will resume Monday morning, and all campus offices will return to normal business hours on Monday as well.

While much of the debris around campus has been cleaned up, there are still some hazardous areas on campus and in the city, so please avoid all areas that have caution tape or barricades around them.

Students do not need to update their ID cards, as they will work for access into their assigned residential building beginning at noon Sunday. Students who experience difficulties accessing their buildings should call Campus Safety (517/629-0213).

Dining services will resume regular hours on Sunday at noon, and the Dow Recreation and Wellness Center will be open as normal from noon-midnight. Stockwell Library will reopen at 2:00 p.m., and the Kellogg Center will be open beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and cooperation. While unanticipated events like this are difficult, we can all be proud of the way we responded and rallied to make the best of the situation.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

7:32 a.m. ET from Albion College Interim President Mike Frandsen:

Power was restored everywhere on campus by late yesterday morning. The clean-up continues. Thanks to our women's soccer team for pitching in to the effort.

We remain officially closed until Sunday afternoon and have every expectation of being ready to have students return then. There will still be caution tape, a few barricades, and the need to be careful.

Look for another update later this afternoon.

September 13, 2013

1:52 p.m. ET from Whitehouse Nature Center Director David Green:

As a result of the significant damage throughout the Whitehouse Nature Center, all trails will be closed until further notice. The Visitor Center and other structures did not receive any damage and will reopen when the College reopens.
Walking any of the trails at this time is a hazardous situation due to upwards of 1,000 trees uprooted, snapped in half and hanging. Along with falling branches, attempting to climb over trees is dangerous.
The Student Farm and hoophouse were not damaged and will reopen when the College reopens. However, the farm will only be accessible by entering off of Newburg Road.
Updates will follow as the situation changes.

September 12, 2013

4:36 p.m. ET from Albion College Interim President Mike Frandsen:

Great progress on clean-up and restoration of systems and services. However, we are still without power at the Dow/Herrick complex and at other College properties south of Erie. Thanks to so many, many people who have been involved and to our students for their cooperation.

We will remain closed until Sunday afternoon. Students may return to their residence halls beginning at noon. Classes will resume on Monday.

We have 108 students who stayed on campus. They are housed in Seaton and will be fed in Baldwin. Res Life and CPO are taking good care of them.

Staff should not report for work tomorrow unless notified otherwise by their supervisor. Some may need to be here to staff critical functions. Others will have access to buildings on campus north of Erie if necessary.

Thanks, again, to everyone for your cooperation.

7:52 a.m. ET from Albion College Interim President Mike Frandsen:

While power has been partially restored to campus, there is still much damage to assess and clean up. The College is closed and will remain so until Sunday afternoon. Classes will resume on Monday.

Students are asked to leave campus as soon as safely possible and must be off campus by noon today at the latest. Students who cannot leave campus by then should go to Seaton Hall (across from Campus Safety).

Faculty and staff should stay home unless notified otherwise by their supervisor.

For additional information, contact Campus Safety.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation.

12:58 a.m. ET from the Albion College Office of Campus Safety:

It appears that some power is restored on campus. We do not know if this is permanent. Plans to close campus will still move forward, as we need time to assess damages and clean up campus. At this time, all Campus Safety phones are back up and running. But, if you cannot get through on our normal phone numbers, call 517-629-5610.

September 11, 2013

8:51 p.m. ET from the Albion College Office of Campus Safety:

As a result of the significant damage across campus and in the city of Albion, the College will be cancelling classes until Monday, September 16th. The College has no hot water, no Baldwin service, and no power, including exterior lights and street lights, and at this time it is not known when these services will be restored.  In addition, there are power lines and limbs down across campus, creating a hazardous situation.  The Science Complex will remain open tonight for those who wish to stay there.

We strongly encourage all students to go home as soon as possible, tonight if it is safe and practical to do so. However, all residential buildings will be closed at 12pm tomorrow (Thursday, September 12th), and all students must be out of their rooms by that time.  If you are unable to leave for transportation reasons, you may stay in Seaton Hall while the College is closed this weekend.  All residence hall will open at 12pm Sunday, September 15th if power has been restored.

If you are a fall varsity athlete, your coach will be in contact with you about practices and your matches and competitions.  You should check with your coach or the Athletic Director for specific instructions.

Again, we emphasize that this is a hazardous situation, and students and staff should not be out walking on campus.  We are hopeful that all services will be restored by Sunday, and we will send out a confirmation message no later than 8am Sunday morning.

Faculty and staff who have critical functions need to report to work.  Check with your supervisor if you are not sure whether you need to come to work tomorrow.

6:11 p.m. ET from the Albion College Office of Campus Safety:

The storm that passed through Albion has done significant damage around campus. There are trees and power lines down across campus, and in the City as well.  Students are advised to stay clear of tree limbs that are on the ground, as live power lines may be near them.  In addition, the College phones are down.  Campus Safety can be reached at 517 629 5610.  Most buildings are without power, but Baldwin Hall and the Science Complex do have emergency power, so students may congregate there.  Further updates will be sent as information is received.