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Clubs and Recreational Sports

Ski & Snowboard Club is an option at Albion CollegeLike sports? Join the club. Plenty to choose from.

Canoe Club

The Canoe Club has taken two trips a year since 1997, and we’re open to anyone with an interest—no skills required. (But be ready for an adventure.) In the fall, we head to North Carolina to compete in a triathlon. Yep, that’s a five-kilometer run, a one-mile swim, and a ten-mile canoe. And in the spring, we usually go whitewater rafting. We also volunteer regularly to clean up the banks of the Kalamazoo River throughout the city of Albion.

Albion College Cheerleaders

We promote school spirit, performing at varsity games and generally encouraging good sportsmanship on campus. The Albion College Cheer Team (ACC) is a club sport organization open to both men and women who want to support varsity athletic teams at Albion (and have a great time).

Equestrian Club

Interested in horses? Then you're in. The Albion College Equestrian Club is an organization open to the entire campus community, so you don't have to own a horse or even ride. Our group has two facets: a recreational club for members who don't wish to compete at the intercollegiate level, and three equestrian teams that compete in hunt seat, western, and dressage. One of the functions of the Club is to help fund the western and dressage teams, which are both considered club sports.

Frisbee and Disc Golf Club

Play, compete, and learn Frisbee and other disc sports. We’re a recreational club, and we welcome new members. You can compete if you like—competitions may include Ultimate Frisbee games or disc golf matches.

Hockey Club

Want to play against other local clubs, colleges, and universities? Hockey Club is where it happens. We’re a group of Albion College students who come together for love of the sport, and we regularly compete.

Karate Club

Martial arts. Self-defense training. And sexual assault resistance training. We cover all these things. We also provide competition-based training, and our members can go on to compete in martial arts tournaments. Visit our website

Intramural, Recreational, and Club Sports

Looking for intramural instead of rec sports? Albion has a wide range—everything from basketball to dodgeball to canoeing to Ultimate Frisbee. Find intramural sports here.

Ski & Snowboard Club

We’re focused on making skiing and snowboarding affordable. We also have a great time together on the slopes. Visit our website

Water Polo Club

We’re a coed club with a focus on teaching you the sport. Some teams train for competition through tournaments and games, and everyone has a great time in the water.

Program Planning Resources


Chemical Bank Shoreline, 629-3995
Citizen’s Bank, 1-800-825-7200
Homestead Savings Bank, 629-5588
School Employees Credit Union, 629-3100

Banquet Facilities

Cascarelli’s of Albion, 629-3675


Cascarelli’s of Albion, 629-3675
Christoff’s Catering, Jackson, (517) 782-4404
Parma Café, 531-3200
Speedy Chick, Marshall, (269) 781-4101

Copy Centers

The Campus Programs & Organizations Office, ext 0433
Office Max, Jackson, (517) 789-7522
Kinkos, Kalamazoo, (616) 344-7445


Anna’s House of Flowers, 629-5583
Clarks, 629-2131

Halls & Auditoriums

American Legion Post 55, 629-9300
Starr Commonwealth, 629-5593

Meeting Rooms

Kellogg Center, ext. 0336

Country Lanes, 629-9153

Special Interest Clubs and Organizations

Anime, politics, and knitting—we’re busy people.

Albion Anime

If you’re interested in regular showings of Japanese animation ("anime") in a semi-public venue, you’re in luck. We share viewings with club members and interested visitors. Our social goal is to bring together fans of anime, but our ultimate goal is to raise public consciousness about anime and promote a broader interest. Visit our website

Brit Knits

Share your knowledge of knitting, or pick up this “knotty” habit. Our organization teaches the art of knitting and helps experienced members continue developing their skills.

College Democrats

As a political organization, we can help you get involved in campaigning for the Democratic Party, sponsoring speakers, and attending regional, state, and national political functions. As a member, you can help with voter registration drives, increasing voter turnout, and other citizenship activities, regardless of political affiliation. We also provide information to the campus regarding the party’s platform and its candidates for office.

College Republicans

We promote an awareness of political issues from a conservative point of view. Help campaign for Republican candidates, sponsor guest speakers, and participate in group discussions. Interested students can find opportunities for leadership and connections with state and local GOP officials.

Ecological Awareness Club

These are just the beginning. Our main goals are to inform and encourage ecological activism, and we regularly sponsor programs and speakers. We’re active—and we’re dedicated to raising awareness of environmental concerns within the Albion community.

Albyonne Medievalist Society

We encourage and promote the historical research and recreation of all cultures between 600 and 1600 AD. Join us for all aspects of medieval life, including armored combat techniques, costuming, music, dance, culinary arts (a period feast is held each semester), calligraphy and illumination, armoring, leather working, literature, and languages.

Peer Educators

After learning about healthy lifestyles, we pass on what we’ve learned to our peers through relevant programs that are both entertaining and educational. We also make healthy choices in our own lives—physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Applications to join Peer Education can be found on our website.

Photography Club

Join us as we study the art of photography and journalism photography through peer advising and darkroom utilization. Our programs include an exhibit of members' work at the end of each semester. We also offer group portraits and event documentation through cooperation with other campus organizations.

Snow Carvers League

Help promote the art of snow sculpting through teamwork, creativity, and artistic industry—all while stimulating a public appreciation of the arts.

Student Alumni Association

Bring the past and the present together—students, faculty, alumni, friends, parents, and the Albion community. We’re here with a big welcome on Freshmen Move-in Day, and we’re very involved with Homecoming Weekend, Family Day, Little Siblings Weekend, and Graduation Festivities, among others. Fun, dynamic, and hardworking individuals (hoping to make a difference on campus) are welcome to join.

Student Farm

Our mission is to cultivate a student-operated, all-natural, sustainable (and beautiful) produce garden that’s available to students and faculty from all disciplines and community members of all ages.

Table Top Games Society

 We provide opportunities for students interested in role playing with a variety of fun table-top games.  

Religious Groups and Organizations

Diverse religions and spiritual seekers find a home here.

Campus Crusade for Christ

An international and interdenominational Christian ministry that’s dedicated to turning spiritually lost students into Christ-centered laborers. Our focus is on discipleship and fellowship through many different Bible studies and a weekly main meeting. We also attend various retreats, conferences, and concerts.

Catholic Connections

We’re dedicated to spreading the Catholic teaching to our fellow classmates while growing deeper in our own faith. We give rides to Mass at St. John Church every Sunday, and have a weekly Bible study and fellowship night. Join us on retreat every semester. Help out at a fish fry at St. John during Lent, or even host Theology on Tap at Cascarelli's during spring semester. Visit our website

Albion College Hillel

Through Hillel, Jewish students on campus have a voice. A chance to improve awareness about cultural issues such as anti-Semitism. And an opportunity to observe holiday traditions with other Jewish students and faculty. We also give other members of the community the chance to learn more about the Jewish culture.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Be a part of an interdenominational group that builds student-led collegiate fellowships. Our members are committed to evangelism, discipleship, engagement of the campus in all its diversity, and the world mission of the church. Our chapter is affiliated with the international IVCF, and we participate in a number of conferences and training events. Everyone is welcome to participate in our large group meetings, smaller Bible studies in every residence hall, regular prayer meetings, and various social events.

Muslim Student Association

Our association provides a support network for Muslims on campus, and offers programs that teach about Islam and the Islamic culture. Join us for events, such as special dinners or religious observances.

United Voices of Albion College

Standing on the foundation of Christian unity, diversity, knowledge, and leadership, UVAC exemplifies African American heritage through gospel music. Our main event, United Voices in Praise, is a concert held each year that involves students and the community. Student leaders in UVAC direct and manage rehearsals and produce the gospel concerts. Students of all backgrounds are welcome.

Wesley Fellowship

Have a real relationship with God, with others, and with the rest of the world. We operate out of a Christian framework, but we’re open to all students who want to grow spiritually, discuss ideas and concerns, and serve others. While historically United Methodist, Wesley celebrates diversity. Weekly meetings involve an activity, reflection, and discussion over dinner, along with occasional service and cultural events.


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