SOAR: Session 4

Date: Thursday, August 22, 2019
Duration: All Day
Location: Goodrich Chapel

Student Program

If you're new to Albion, then you must attend our Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration program (SOAR), sponsored by the Campus Programs and Organizations Office (CPO). During SOAR, you'll begin to make connections with faculty, staff and fellow students. You will learn information and strategies to help prepare for your upcoming college experience. Faculty will work with you to understand what it will take to be successful in the classroom and staff will share expectations of what it means to live in a residential campus. Our SOAR A-Team, who are current students, will share their insights about the Albion College experience as well.

Parent Program

Talk with faculty, meet our administrators and introduce yourself to life at Albion College. The SOAR Parent Program is both vital and optional, and it runs parallel to the SOAR Student Program. Choose from a variety of sessions and bring your list of questions. One or both parents may attend, and we also welcome siblings, grandparents and other important mentors.