Capstone Symposium on Teaching

Date: April 2013
Duration: All Day

The Capstone Symposium on Teaching is an opportunity for current student teachers and students who have completed unique education-related experiences to showcase their original thinking and learning. Much like a capstone in architecture, which is laid on top of a structure as a finishing touch, the Capstone Symposium on Teaching is an academic event that signals crowning achievement or culmination of learning in student teaching, subject area specific programs of study, mentorships and international practica related to the field of education. Through field-based, inquiry-intensive study—over at least a semester—presenters focus on questions relevant to their own understandings of teaching and learning, as well as current public dialogue on education across diverse communities in the US and abroad. These questions also reflect the liberal arts nature of the Teacher Education Program at Albion College, connecting to disciplinary and interdisciplinary study in subject areas, such as applied music, biology, earth science, English, French, health, history, integrated science, mathematics, music, physical education, psychology, political science, and Spanish. Please join us on Friday, April 12 in Olin Hall from 4:30 - 6:30 pm