Gifts in Action

Every gift to Albion makes an impact—not just on the recipient, but on the donor as well.

Building a sustainable community.

Mike, '85, and Judy, '86, Harrington's gift
builds strong ties.

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It's evident no matter where you look. In the classrooms and labs. On the playing fields. At our annual luncheon celebrating Stockwell Society members and endowed scholarship donors. And in the stories below. Read about those who have made a difference at Albion College and in the lives of students through their generous gifts.

Then learn more about giving to Albion, put your own gift into action, and share your story with us.

Dr. William H. Bremer, '63Dr. William H. Bremer, ’63

Turning tragedy into triumph.

Jerry Gervais, '52Jerry Gervais, ’52

Providing support for future Albion students.

Roy and Mae, '31, Harrison KarroRoy & Mae, ’31, Harrison Karro

A couple's longstanding generosity lives on.

Mark Newell, '77Mark Newell, ’77

New tools for solving real-world problems.

Don and Angela Scott Sheets, '82 '82Don & Angela Sheets, ’82 ’82

Setting the stage, through scholarships, to "share our Albion with others."

Justin Sleight, '65Justin Sleight, ’43

The Sleight Leadership Fellows Program.

Cap Uldriks, '73Casper “Cap” Uldriks, ’73

A future gift for philosophy studies.

Sally Stark Cutler, '75Sally Stark Cutler, ’75

Underwriting a new space for creative learning.

Margaret Lawrence Jack, '41Margaret Lawrence Jack, ’41

Putting education first by assisting tomorrow’s teachers.

Jack Ludington, '51Jack Ludington, ’51

Leaving a legacy through an endowment gift.

Sharon Gates Rees, '53Sharon Gates Rees, ’53

Getting women out of their shell.

Rick Simonson, '72Rick Simonson, ’72

Keeping a promise by making a college education possible for future generations.

albion-a-65The Class of 1961

The importance of reciprocating.

Richard and Marilyn Vitek, '56 '56Richard & Marilyn Vitek, ’56 ’56

Toasting their class' 60th with targeted gifts.