Promoting Academic Excellence Award

Promoting Academic Excellence Award sealThe Albion College academic experience is driven not only by the faculty, but by one's peers. These peers can have a great influence on the creation of an academic environment that encourages and celebrates excellence in the classroom.

The intent of the award is to recognize those students who improve the Albion College academic experience for their fellow classmates with recognition and a small monetary award. There are many ways students may do this, including working as a teaching assistant in a lab, tutoring, staffing the Writing Center, working in the math or computer labs or informally students can impact their peers by leading study groups.

Dr. Ryan Sweeder, '96 and his wife Margaret Hudson, '97 saw a critical need at Albion for such an award. Ryan has continued his work in academia as a faculty member at Michigan State University where it has been reaffirmed to him the positive impact students can have on each other to promote academic success. Additionally, they are both in a position now where they have had the opportunity to hire individuals, they have come to appreciate the value that that external awards and recognition can play in creating distinctions between candidates.

The award, led by a committee between the Provost and Office of Student Affairs, would recognize those students who demonstrate a commitment to the academic success of other Britons. Prospective job seekers or potential graduate students who can point at evidence of their willingness, ability, and success in helping others learn by citing this award set themselves apart from those who can just express these concepts. Whether a student intends to become a doctor, a professor, a teacher, work in the non-profit sector, or anything else, recipients of this award will have evidence of their commitment to helping educate and advance others.

Ryan and Margaret know that many of you were those students who regularly helped others during your time at Albion. For many of you, your career has been a continuation of that dedication as you work to educate students, patients, parishioners, clients or the public. Join us in making a difference in the lives of students at Albion College for now and for their future.

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