Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center

Reimagining the Equestrian Center as an economic driver for Albion and the region.

Albion College Equestrian Center

The Need

Albion College is committed to an integrated, multifaceted role in the community, and the Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center is one of the key strategies in achieving that.

The Held Equestrian Center creates a learning environment that exists beyond the traditionally defined classroom. For both veteran equestrians and those who are trying something new, the center provides experiences that enhance their learning. Further, the center is a resource to community members who are interested in equine sports and it provides a venue for the College and surrounding communities to intersect.

The Vision

Albion envisions a future where the Held Equestrian Center is both a central component of the campus experience for all students and an economic engine for the community. An expanded center would:

  1. Create more opportunities for Albion College students to engage with the Equestrian Center through classroom extension learning, service-learning and community service, and through extracurricular, recreational, and athletic activities.
  2. Foster College-community interaction by providing more riding space for members of the College and town communities, who are either veteran equestrians or first-time riders.
  3. Breathe economic energy into the community by attracting large-scale horse shows to Albion that draw hundreds of competitors and family members.

Additionally, it will help us attract new students, and help to create a sustainable community throughout Albion.

The Opportunity

A gift to support the expansion of the Held Equestrian Center will position Albion – the College and the town – as a community that plays to its strengths. Your gift will signal your belief not only in the rewards that the equestrian world can provide, but also your belief that, by working together, the College and town can offer meaningful educational and engagement opportunities for all who call Albion home.

Partner With Us

Gifts to support the expansion of the Held Equestrian Center will be permanently recognized on the property. Specific naming opportunities exist.

To learn more, please contact the Development Office at  , or call 517/629-0402.

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